'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


It will be my son’s first language and I want to be able to speak it with him.


…it will really help with work as I work in Carmarthenshire. Many of my colleagues are first language welsh speakers, and I want to be able to join in with the jokes! Plus I would love to speak welsh with the people I meet out on site. :slight_smile: I was born and raised in Wales, but my parents aren’t welsh so I only learnt a little welsh in school. I want my children to be able to speak welsh fluently :slight_smile:


Gareth, I identify with your feels regarding why you want to learn Welsh. I also want to be able to talk to my friends, my children’s friends, my Mam and Modryb Mary yn y Gymraeg.


it feels great being able to speak even a little of the language, which I’ve always found very beautiful. I’ve always liked the sound of it. One day, hopefully soon in fact, I’d like to be able to sing and compose songs in the language.


I want to speak Welsh because my grandfather was a Welsh speaker. Sadly he died when my father was 12. The family had moved to Manchester (where my father was born), but my father remembers visiting his uncles and aunts (in Manchester)
and Welsh being the language that was spoken during those visits. Perhaps it is because I never knew my grandfather that I became fascinated by my Welsh heritage. I have researched my family tree and discovered lots of places around North Wales where my ancestors lived (and perhaps very distant relatives still do). So I want to reintroduce the Welsh language into the family and perhaps even get my (grown up) children interested in learning.


Wherever you live now may become part of “Welsh-speaking-Wales-abroad” I guess, just as your grandfather’s generation enriched Manchester’s linguistic diversity levels, and helped make it culturally more diverse, too. Lucky North Wales, because I guess you’ll be visiting more now, and this time able to maintain interaction with those you encounter in their language of choice (although perhaps not with Punjabi or Polish speakers there!) :wink:

This sounds like a family history entering a new, and a fulfilling phase!


I want to speak Welsh because the language was lost in my father’s generation because he and my uncle were not taught the language as children. I would like to discover the language and the whole Welsh world, language and culture.


I want to learn Welsh because I love languages and because Welsh words look so alluringly strange and because Welsh is the language of a small oppressed nation and because Wales is nearby (I live in London) so I can go there and use my Welsh on holidays in northwest Wales.


I want to be able to speak Welsh with my children and grandchildren, all of whom went to, or are in Welsh schools and speak Welsh. I want to be able to go to their school functions and concerts, and understand at least some of what is being said.

I moved to Wales when I was twenty, and when I got married I moved to a slightly more Welsh speaking area. I had an attempt to learn in conventional classes when my children started school but never got anywhere. Many years later, by which time I had grandchildren speaking Welsh, I discovered SSIW and did the basic course twice, but each time life got in the way and I never went any further. I thought I’d probably left it too late, but when I saw the 6 month course, and already knowing how good SSIW’s methods were, I knew it was just what I wanted. It may have taken me nearly 50 years, but this time I’m determined to speak and understand Welsh.


Sounds very exciting! You may find some long lost relatives!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my father’s ancestors were all Welsh and I was born there too.


we have an 18 month old boy who we are trying to bring up as a first language welsh speaker. My wife is a fluent welsh speaker and I don’t want him to have to speak English to me.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because most of my extended family are Welsh but I have lived in England all my life so never learned the language.
My mum is a Welsh speaker and I am looking forward to chatting to her in Welsh.


I want to speak Welsh because I love it but the pressure is on now as we’re having a baby boy in December and want to raise him bilingually!




… because it sounds nice and I want to be able to say things that sound nice.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it is my partner’s first language and we now live outside Wales which means he has very few people he speaks it with now.

I hope once I am a welsh speaker that my partner will be proud of me and I’ll be able to join in conversations with his family without obliging them to speak in welsh.


What you said really resonated with me and was just lovely.


Awwww Diolch Allison :grinning:



I want to learn Welsh because I have made Wales my home for the last 10 years and have loved hearing others speak this beautiful language. I also teach music lessons and perform within care home settings and hospitals, and I really would like to be able to incorporate Welsh within these roles in order to connect and communicate well with everyone…