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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because… Dwi’n moyn siarad dim ond yn Cymraeg gyda fyng gwr i. Mae e iaith cyntaf Cymraeg.

And what’s ONE thing you hope will happen when you are a Welsh speaker?
Bo fi yn gallu meddwl yn Cmraeg ac gweitho gyda Cymraeg fi.


Yes! This Is my hope too. I would love to become fluent enough to create in Welsh.


Is the programme still available to access?


I’ll have a look and see if I can get the details for you, and let you know

(I’v sent you a PM with the details )


For me it’s dealing with the incomplete part of my Welsh heritage, I’m Welsh but not Welsh speaking. My maternal ancestors were descended from the Flemish immigrants to Pembrokeshire with visible traces back to the 1550s but not Welsh speaking, being South of the Lashgar line On the paternal side Mamgi a Cardi was monoglot Welsh, Nain first language Welsh, as was my father, but Welsh was not spoken at home. I feel a duty to fill the gap in that line, to maintain the link to the past and to complete what it means to be Welsh. I believe Wales is defined by the use of the Welsh language by its people so want to be part of restoring the links our heritage demands.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because…I live here and I want to be able to speak with the locals. This would change my life by being able to communicate with everyone here and be able to actively take part in community activities.


It’s good for the brain! Helps to defer Alzheimer’s! It is an inspirational survivor despite authoritarian efforts at certain stages in our history to ban it! It is after all, a British language, although there are some odd people who look down their noses at those who speak it! Above all it is the language of our culture, music and tradition. How much of it, however, will we hear at the Rugby in Cardiff on Saturday. Sadly not much I fear!


Hopefully a fair smattering. Obviously the songs, but also there will be plenty of Welsh speakers there. Hopefully, any announcements will be bilingual. Isn’t that a given, or am I being spoilt at Parc y Scarlets?


…I want to be able to talk to my colleagues and patients in the local language.

I hope it’ll help people, especially older patients or those with dementia, the chance to properly express themselves to me. And so far my colleagues have really appreciated my small attempts!


I’m the same! I always feel like I’m doing patients a disservice by not being able to speak Welsh to them


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I love Wales. I learned how to read some Welsh for my MA thesis but lost most of it when I stopped practicing. I eventually want to live and work in Wales and learning how to speak Welsh has helped me connect with my Welsh heritage. :slight_smile:


John, like a true patriot I have been to the Principality/Millenium stadium dozens of times over the years, and of course know about the announcements etc in Cymraeg. No, I refer to the hundreds of supporters who do not converse or cheer in Welsh, and more disappointingly how few of the stadium staff, such as young programme sellers and bar staff who do not speak y Iaith y Nefoedd at all! We keep hoping though, and love the singing and incomparable atmosphere!


Fair point.
At Parc y Scarlets I here the Welsh speakers shouting C’mon bois. Could be Welsh or English :thinking:

Thinking about this - Im pretty sure its Welsh, as the young woman who sits behind us shouts this, and I’ve only ever heard her speaking Welsh.


As a school boy I was able to get international tickets for Cardiff Arms Park, there was an area set aside for us kids. Then chapels ales churches were full and everyone knew the great Welsh hymns, and not just Cwm Rhondda, Diadem was my favourite. The singing then was in four part harmony, just thinking about it makes my hairs stand on end - real hwyl. Somehow Max’s Hymns and Arias just doesn’t make the grade for me. Thank God for Mae Hen Wlad fe Nhaddau!


I wanted to be a Welsh speaker because I wanted to feel like I belonged.


I’ve read all responses to this thread and this is first time I’ve heard that…what a grand goal…to be so immersed in the language it becomes a way of life. Really cool, stuff, Impishwriter! I’ve been studying for almost a year now and had my first dream in Cymraeg that I can recall about 5 months after I earnestly began learning Cymraeg, and maybe a total of 3 times so far. For me infrequent, but really cool when I recall. I don’t remember the dreams, so much as thought of speaking in Cymraeg.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because… it’s about bloody time.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I fell in love with N Wales living and working there in the 90s and have been starting and stopping learning Welsh for far too long. After my forever move back to Ynys Môn went horribly wrong last year I’m determined to finally get my Welsh up to scratch to help me find another job and be able to make my forever move final. Apart from that it’s a beautiful language and an integral part of Welsh culture and should be preserved.
Guess I answered the ‘what to you want to gain’ part of the question already but aside from helping me to find work and maybe revive my hypnotherapy business with a Welsh language option just being able to speak to my neighbours in their own language and be a part of the community is important to me.


Well done for making the time! It’s great fun :hugs:


… I want to prove to myself (and others) that I can, having tried before and not got very far … and because I live in Wales, and my daughter is a Welsh-speaker.