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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


It’s really amazing how a language connects a person to their heritage and the present, speaking with family. You’ve had the motivation but not the proper learning method. With SSiW, I would be surprised if you are not speaking with your Daughter soon.

If you experience any challenges to your learning, reach out to the forum. Someone here will have experienced the same issue and give advice to work through it.


Well said. I am so pleased with myself for throwing myself into it at last and so cross at myself for having waited so long. But now I know I will never stop learning.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child, and because I’m quite ill at the moment and it’s giving me a reason to keep going :heart:


I brought up my children to speak it, they are now adults, but I have never managed to master it. Now I want to break through that barrier and be able to have a conversation with my son in Welsh at last.


I want to finally be able to have a conversation in Welsh with my son, who I brought up to speak the language even though I could never master it through classes myself. Maybe this time will finally be my time.


It’s a great course, I’m on week 8 this week, good luck on your journey


I wish you every success, I’m on week 8 and thoroughly enjoying it


Sorry you’re not well Emma, it’s good to have something to concentrate when life gets tricky, so good luck with the course (it’s great) and I hope you feel much better very soon.


I don’t feel right being Welsh and unable to speak my own language. I feel there is something missing in my understanding of what it means and feels to be Welsh.

I’m curious as to why Welsh was not taken seriously when I was in school in Swansea. By teachers and pupils alike. Misguided principles? Perhaps. But I can only see benefit from a country producing bi-lingual schoolchildren.


I want to be a welsh speak speaker so I can communicate with my friends and work colleagues who speak welsh and improve my job prospects. I have tried to learn many times but this is the most positive and motivated I haven’t ever felt.


My young children (4 & 7 months) will be bilingual. I want to be able to speak to my children and their teachers confidently in Welsh and hope that once I have a knowledge of the language I will be able to help with home work and understand school concerts.


I want to be able to chat to my Welsh-speaking friends in their own language and to understand when they’re talking to each other.


So my friends and colleagues don’t always have to switch to English to accommodate me


So sorry to hear you are not doing well, but I have to say, this is the first post I’ve read, and I’ve read all 753 someone is using Welsh to help deal with illness. Welsh is so much more than a means of communication, and now it’s a tool for coping with illness. Glad you found this forum and if you ever stumble with your learning, we all do, reach out to the great people here with any questions. Wishing you a full recovery :sunflower:


I want to be a welsh speaker so that we can converse as a family for at least one meal time per week in tbe medium of Welsh and when we gonout as a family Also so zhat I can enjoy my daughtets school shows and understand more the radio and music I listen to


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I’ve always wanted to be since I was little, it’s part of my heritage & I’m a very proud to be Welsh.
I hope to speak it properly with my children one day & not just odd phrases. My 5 year old who has been in Welsh medium education for nearly two years can already get the Welsh out before me if he’s about when I’m doing ssiw! He thinks I’m a bit twp :see_no_evil:, I tell him he doesn’t know lucky he is to be speaking it so well so young!


Short, to the point and SPOT ON! Nicely put Robert. Great to come across a post that describes what I feel but puts it so much better! All the best and I hope your journey to your Welsh goal is as interesting and as fun as mine is proving to be!


Dw i’n moyn siarad Gymraeg achos…
I am Welsh. I should know how to speak Welsh.
I hope to be able to communicate to more of the people around me (and getting a new/better job because I can speak Welsh would be Wych.


That was a bonus for me too Victoriab-severnwye! I got a book for christmas with natural wonders of the world and most of them seemed to be in Patagonia.


when I visit Cardiff and Wales I want to feel more a part of it and maybe to talk to future Grandchildren in their own language.