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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


And my aim at the beginning was to have a conversation (sgwrs) with the pennaeth (head) at the school & not feel totally out of my depth…which I (kind of!) did this week & he told me my dysgu yn mynd yn dda iawn! :+1:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my girlfriend started learning Spanish for me, depsite English being my first language, so I decided I wanted to learn a language too.

I picked Welsh as it was from a different language family than Spanish or English so seemed like a challenge.

I’m aiming to become fluent but don’t even know any Welsh speakers, although I do get sent to South Wales on occasion for work; just a handul of times a year to be fair.


Because I’ve lived in North Wales for the last 35 years, had many good friends and 2 relationships with first language Welsh speakers and never bothered to learn a word of it… (How much of a wasted golden opportunity was all that), and not seeing any of them anymore has shown me how much i miss it… and because i’ve seen people standing in the queue at Asda and have people have a go at them for speaking it in LLandudno !, how wrong is that !

and what do i wish will happen… That i will meet more and finaly be able to talk to them in their first language and not have them revert to English just for my benefit…


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I sent my daughters through Welsh medium education and yet never felt the confidence to learn myself. Here I am at 66 thinking it’s about time! And I’m loving every minute learning this wonderful language :blush:


I live in Wales and love the sound of the language when it’s spoken, as well as its history.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to expand my career and be able to chat away with my friends and colleagues in their own language. One thing I hope that I think will be awsome is being able to chat with the locals in my local garage as they’re always so friendly and are first language Welsh speaking.


Because I’ve lived here fro 25 years, my partner is a German born Welsh speaker, and I really want to.


Superb result - well DONE you! :star: :star2:


My reason…
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is being taken over by an evil oppressive tyrant. … very similar to the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, (may be his cousin?)
The hero(me, cos I’ve got hairy feet) is on a quest to enrol the help of the Ddraig Goch who resides somewhere around Carmarthen (I believe I’ve seen evidence of dragon pooh in farmers fields!)
I need to dysgu Cymraeg as this obviously is the language of Dragons!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because Welsh legends and history have always fascinated me. Learning the language will help me to learn even more about them. I would like to travel in Wales and learning the language is respectful in that regard. Also, learning a new language helps keep your brain young. Figure if a baby can learn it, so can I… (ha ha - babies seem to have a secret weapon tho.)

One thing it would change in my life? I hope that learning to speak Welsh will help make travelling in Wales mwy diddoral (more interesting) and perhaps make research a bit easier, too. Other than that? Well, I might keep my journal yn y Gymraeg since I’m the only “speaker” in the house. :wink:


I want to speak Welsh because… I have fibromyalgia and my specialist fibro physio said that learning a new language (as well as doing activities with my non-dominant hand) could help to retrain my brain.

Also, I’ve been living in Wales since 2013 and it definitely feels like home, so this was the obvious choice.


I want to become a welsh speaker as I live in west wales and want to make the effort to be able to chat to locals in their own language. I have been doing a course for a few years now but haven’t got the conversational skills I hoped for yet and hope this course will help with that - and my confidence to try!


Having lived all my sixty years in Wales and apart from the early years in Secondary School, I have never found the right learning medium for myself. My main inspiration for finally biting the bullet, taking the bull by the horns etc was a lovely 75 year old gentleman who when we met was starting his degree in Welsh Literature to go with his Welsh Language degree. His name - Islam Islam, a Bangladeshi migrant from the 1960’s who now considers Welsh his first language.


If you want something badly enough, you’ll do it no problem. Pob lwc


That’s great Jane, I live in West Wales too and I’m aiming to recover my childhood Welsh so I can chat with everyone locally too. I remember the days when the authorities were trying everything they could to stamp out our language, so I owe it to those who fought hard and long to keep it alive. Hwyl fawr!


I live in North Wales, my daughter is in Welsh medium education, my wife has been on a course for a while and I want to support her and most of all because I want to integrate fully into living into the most beautiful country in the world :heart_eyes:


… I want to fit in with and understand the locals.


I want to speak Welsh because I am a Welshwoman: this speaks for itself.


exactly this!
Welsh is a big part of my cultural and personal identity and having a 1st language welsh husband and family, it feels wrong and almost rude, not to improve on the welsh I already know ans use and to become a more confident and fluent natural welsh speaker.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to be able to speak to my kids in their first language…

And I hope to be able to engage more in the work place WHEN I become a Welsh speaker. :crossed_fingers: