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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


You don’t need to wait that long. you can engage more in the work place WHILE you become a Welsh speaker.


I want to be a welsh speaker because I have a friend in the North East who is a welsh speaker, therefore they will have someone to speak welsh with, it is also a challenge and I want to complete it.


It is my wife’s first language and Welsh will be our new baby daughter’s language. Also, because it is a vital part of this nations heritage and identity and I wish to be a part of that.


Yes, true! Was meant as more of an affirmative ‘When’ rather than ‘if’…not an ‘until’! Don’t worry, I have ‘t’isio panad?’ nailed…:grin:


Because we have recently had a little girl who will be brought up bilingual (husband is a welsh speaker) and will probably go to Welsh medium school, so I don’t want her and my husband to be able to gossip too much about me! :wink: And a great challenge to take on for myself during maternity leave :slight_smile:


I live and work in Wales and like the sound of the language. I have lived in Wales my whole life and learnt abit at school. Now an adult I want to be able to speak to people in my community in ‘that secret language’ . SSW means I can :grinning::grinning:




Yep…that’s the one @annmoore !
Have you seen it! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Yeah, but I can’t tell you where because it’s a secret. I don’t fancy being eaten for spilling the beans! :joy::joy::joy:


I grew up in Wales, and went to a border school where we were not taught it. My mother can speak Welsh though is not fluent and I really want to learn the language of my land. I live in London currently but will move back.


Great reasons that strike a chord for me. Pob Lwc


Diolch yn fawr


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it is the missing link to me being Welsh. I am a proud Welsh man but I have never took time to really learn our beautiful language. My great grand parents were Welsh speakers but somehow the language has been lost over the last few generations. I would like it to re-introduce it, speak it on a regular basis and understand the football and rugby coverage on S4C…


I want to be a Welsh speaker because that would help me further integrate into the local community having moved here 5 years ago. Not many people actually speak Welsh around here (Eastern Brecon Beacons) but it would help by letting people know I’m trying.
Hypothetical outcome: A farmer at the local agricultural show speaks to me in Welsh and I successfully respond without looking a total idiot, even if only to say I don’t speak much Welsh but I’m learning. Ideal reaction from the farmer: “Well, at least you are trying, which is good to see in an Englishman”


Me too!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I’m moving to Gwynedd and want to connect with the people around me in a more genuine way :blush:
(Reasons number 2 and 3 would be: I want to be part of the Cymraeg 2050 project, and I want to understand the lyrics in Welsh rock so I can go to gigs and know what they’re saying!)


Not sure where to put this - can’t find a ‘my big reason why’ thread on forum:

My BIG reason for doing this is: I WANT TO! I think I should be able to speak Welsh. This is for the following reasons: I was brought up here, (have returned many years ago to) live, and work here. It is relevant to my every day dealings with people at work and outside it. People, on hearing my (English) accent expect me to be a Welsh speaker. I learned German (while living there) - so can do it. My Welsh should be better than my German.


Like a lot of folk posting on here, my father was welsh speaking, but as he was in the army we lived outside of Wales. We went to his home in Betwys y Coed for holidays, but he died when I was 17, having taught me Sospan fach and a couple of other things. I always wanted to learn, and have had various attempts to connect with my heritage but now hope I can finally do this at 62, even though I live in Cornwall!


I want to become closer to the community I have moved in to.


I hadn’t thought of the football and rugby coverage! Excellent !