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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I moved to a wonderful village in Wales about 16months ago and love it here. I live in a wonderful community of English and Welsh speakers and felt it would be respectful and brilliant to be able to converse in both languages. Really enjoying the challenge (and some days it really is) and have stunned a few people with my progress. Thank you SSiW :grin:


Gwych…@aran gets a happy when we go forth set to stun :wink:


Hi Andy, I feel the same. It’s such an important basic reason : speak the language of the country we’ve chosen to live in


I moved to Wales a year ago and I wanted to be able to understand the hidden Wales around me. I love languages and Welsh seems unlike any I’ve ever learnt before and that intrigues me in itself.


A generation closer for me! An alien dropped into Wales via a Welsh wife and now two first language Welsh children…it is so lovely to be able to speak (even if very stutteringly and slowly!) to them in their mother tongue!


… because I’ve struggled with language-learning in the past (I always hit a “wall” and can’t move forward), and I want to finally be able to say I can speak a second language.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want my patients to feel comfortable speaking to their doctor in Welsh when they’re unwell. Also, if I have children, I want them to be first language Welsh speakers.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to understand the language of the country I’m living in.

I’m Dutch and I encouraged my Welsh husband to learn Dutch when he moved over to the Netherlands. In return I started to learn Welsh with DuoLingo, but it’s hard to speak and understand Welsh when you rarely hear it. And even after a streak of over 3 years I can’t really have a conversation in Welsh. Now we recently have moved to Wales, I want to improve my Welsh language skills to be able to speak Welsh with my husband and his friends and I hope to achieve that with SSiW.


Firstly croeso!!!
You have come to the right place; we are on the journey together here. Ymlaen ar y fordd-heading down the road-efo 'chdi-with you (that’s quite familiar, but that’s how we get to be here).

This is true, and aside from Slack (for membership types-please look here and take advantage of the event to get more for your investment. Feel free to say I sent you IF no-one actually did :wink:) there are a lot of threads on resources

It is very possible; and extremely unlikely to not achieve astounding successes.
We are all here for you!


In 2015 my wife and I, who live in Florida, met a lovely couple from Wales. We were at a summer camp with youth. They asked us to come over and visit them and the chapel that they minister in.

When my wife and I realized in Jan of 2018 that we would be able to visit that summer, I began to take seriously learning the language. I felt it would show honor and respect for my friends. They speak Welsh.

In fact their chapel has a Welsh speaking service. We attended the first Sunday we visited Wales. At the time I had only written words of introduction in Welsh but everyone was so encouraging.

As I went to the market in Pontyprydd or visited the Senedd and was able to speak a little Welsh, the encouragement received from Welsh speakers really gave me a desire to carry on.

I had always been told that my ancestors came from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Funny thing is, when I did my DNA test, that was exactly where my ancestors were from! I could have saved some money. Well, we do know my direct ancestor on my father’s side came from Northern Ireland, but here we hit a brick wall. I can also trace lines back to England. One line though does go back to Wales in Pembroke. This knowledge of knowing my ancestors knew or knew of this language has been another reason to spur me on.

I hope to return to visit my friends soon and this time have smoother conversations in Welsh.


Welcome Croeso!
@delawarejones @AnnaC will be good contacts for you! Have you heard of NAFOW?
As per my above post, we are friendly and here for you :grinning:


Diolch @Sean-O. Yes. I know @delawarejones and @AnnaC. We get together every week on our East Coast conference call. East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning
Practicing speaking is so important.


There are so many reasons, I live in (& love) Wales, my children are fluent Welsh speakers (I did that so that they would have better job prospects, and they did), I want to be able to speak Welsh to my welsh speaking students and colleagues (I have been learning for over 20 years, so I need to really try!) a nawr, dw i’n hoffi dysgu Cymraeg achos mae’n mor ddiddorol a mae bobl yma yn wych!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I fell I love with the language after hearing a druid opening ceremony. It was so lyrical and evocative I knew there and then I had to learn it.


Hi, thank you for your post. Your friends must have been so touched by your gesture. And what an adventure it set you off on!
Diolch yn fawr,


it is my language…I’m just not fluent yet. :slight_smile:

  1. I am intrigued by the method (first heard Aran on Jeremy Vine on St David’s Day). I speak and have taught other European languages and got frustrated by the SLOW very limited progress made by all until they go and live in the country if they want any degree of confidence, let alone fluency. This course has proper complex sentences that you might actually want to say from the off.
  2. My father’s family came from Bangor / Anglesey; I spent 10 weeks annually there through childhood and loved it. Studied (French, German, Italian) at Bangor University (and Welsh conversation in the student union pub), but never enough to initiate a conversation.
  3. It is great to listen to the Challenges while doing tedious housework, so it’s a win win.




I love your reason, I feel the same and do not want to lose the language. I think it is a privilage to speak in Welsh


yes my sentence is a bit too short. I am enjoying it immensely. I’m a bit embarassed that now i’m trying to fill in gaps in my welsh language and gain confidence. It is a privilege to be able to learn this language like you said