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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


Hi @nancy, and welcome! I live in northern California and I have found a couple of people to practice with up here in the Sacramento area, so you never know! I am going to be walking in the park and practicing my Welsh with someone next weekend. :grinning:


Yes me too sadly


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my family is Welsh and unfortunately never had the chance to learn in, I want to learn Welsh to make my dad proud, and I hope my grandparents would be proud to see my trying if they were still here


yes, it will be great to understand Welsh songs and sing them with meaning


Yes, couldn’t agree more except I don’t have customers, but talking to my wife and her family, sharing their culture and eventually being able to read the books she and her father write is so important.


That’s very inspiring Huw. I would love to have spoken to my welsh speaking relatives in welsh but they have nearly all passed away now.


I completely agree. I want to learn Welsh because I have moved to Wales and am living here now.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to speak it with my best friend Non


On our most recent bwtcamp we had someone from San Francisco and someone who is about to move from Washington DC to Berkeley. Not sure if they qualify as ‘southern California’ but close? :slight_smile:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have performed with a Welsh opera singer since 2013 and have recorded works by Welsh composers. He is a native Welsh speaker. Last May we worked together on the first American performance of Blodwen, the first opera written in Welsh, with a Welsh speaking conductor and stage director, and I was able to break the code more than once. No secrets!


Closer than Wales, certainly, although both these cities are in northern California. They’re about 350 miles north of me.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to be able to speak and understand the language of my lovely country and I hope that as a Welsh speaker I will be able to watch, perform in, and maybe even write and create Welsh Language Theatre!


Yeah, that’s versus 80 miles to Berkeley from me here to the east in Sacramento. California is huge. Let me know if you’re ever in the area, @nancy! :grinning:


I want to be a welsh speaker because I want to understand songs and interviews by artists I like .Well that was it , but now I want to do it because I love it .


… I want to support my daughter to be bilingual


I am a Welshman that never learned as my family moved out of Wales. I farm and it would make things much easier in my community if I could chat in the pub without everyone needing to change to English to involve me!!


I want to become a Welsh speaker so that I can become more involved with the local community, and also to surprise some of my work colleagues and prove that I’m up to the challenge.


Because i want to be the second Pole in our town to speak Welsh (my daughter being first😀)


…I would like to talk to my customers and colleagues in our Welsh office in their language :grinning:
I ran a training session today and someone pointed me it the direction of this site!


I work in a mixed Welsh, English speaking enviroment. But would like to speak more not only to my colleagues but also my children who are all taught through the medium of welsh.