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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I love everything Welsh (especially North) and when I was growing up in SA my father wouldn’t share anything Welsh with me or allow me to ask anything so I hope he might feel some pride on the other side!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because we are hoping to move to Wales this year and I want to communicate with the local people in their language rather than English


How lovely! Thank you for sharing this.


Hello Catherine. I visit Wales at some point every year, I really enjoyed recognising a few words last time I visited. I enjoyed little things like picking out words on sign posts and menus and hearing the odd word. I really am looking forward to going again soon and seeing if I can have a sort of conversation. I will look forward to joining one of the SSIW monthly day trips. I hope you don’t have to wait too long to practice everything you are learning … good luck!


Thanks so much for your kind words! That’s so nice. Diolch yn fawr!


it’s important to keep the language alive.


I am interested in the structure of Celtic languages.


I realised that my colleague who is Indian could speak several Indian languages as well English. I only speak English and couldn’t even say please or thank you in Welsh and Wales is the country I visit most. Time to change that.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because

I m welsh and I want me and my wife (who is also learning) to become a Welsh speaking couple, share many conversations with each other and other welsh speakers we meet along the way.

It will give us the ability to pass on the language to our children in the future and become a welsh family.


it’s such a lovely language and I’ve always wanted to be able to speak it.


Although I am here in the US and I don’t have family or know others who speak Cymraeg (except for one person whom I recently met…and I can hopefully practice with in the future) I feel a connection with Cymru because both my genetic heritage and spiritual heritage have deep roots there. My great grandparents were Welsh and my spiritual practice is Druidry. I am on week 5 of the 6 month course and I am really enjoying it! I speak Cymraeg with my chickens, ducks (welsh harlequin…so they understand more of what I say :slight_smile) and my goats and they seem to enjoy it too! So my newly emerging reason for learning Cymraeg is that it makes me very happy!! It also gives me something positive to focus on during our very long Vermont winter.


Since I started learning 10 weeks ago I can feel it getting better and I will even though I live where there are zero speakers, become a fluent speaker because I love the language and the people!


I will be moving to Wales and would like to be able to converse with my welsh-speaking neighbours in Cymraeg.


live in Wales & I’m very sniffy about people who go off and live in Spain & France for years & don’t bother to learn to speak the language … oops


…I want to be able to communicate In Welsh with people I meet for work and also support my children with their learning.


hi …i’d like to speak welsh…
i spend a lot of time…mostly in llandudno…
although i live in the west midlands.
i have a few but not many,welsh members in my family…

but personally,
welsh is one thing,i feel i need to do…

to be able to listen to the commentary,on the football…would be handy!
on Sgorio …where i follow cefn druids.


Hi, @kelly-dennison! When you get onto Slack, let me know, and I’ll have a video chat with the ducks - they must be suffering badly from hiraeth…


Being Welsh is a strong part of my identity and the language is Cymru’s heritage. I have two young daughters that I want to inherit what I wasn’t able to. I am looking forward to conversing in Cymraeg and hoping that will help me connect with my Welshness in a new way.


I want to be a Welsh speaker for loads of reasons! I think its a fascinating language, ive lived in Wales for 4 years now, and most importantly, im marrying a welsh speaker!!


Because I love Wales and its people, always so kind and nice to others. I love how passionate you are and how proud you are of your language - I wish my country did the same with ours. Been there 4 times and everytime, spellbound by the beauty of the country and the beautiful language; I’m Brazilian, fluent in English and one day I’ll be fluent in Welsh too!