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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I come from a family of Welsh speakers (on my mothers side) and have always wanted to be able to speak it myself . I now hope to be able to converse with friends in my native tongue


I am a Scarlets season ticket holder and I want to be able to understand what people are talking about around me and I also want to be able to sing the Welsh National Anthem (and other rugby songs) and understand what I’m singing about. (sorry, that was 2 things!)

I hope I will feel part of a wider Welsh culture if I can speak the language with other Welsh speakers.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have lived in Wales for most of my life and am ashamed that I have never managed to speak the language which is so much a part of our culture.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I feel disconnected to the land I inhabit. I grew up with Greek/ Egyptian myths and legends, not the legends of Britain (which are incredibly rich and varied). I want to be able to understand them in the language they were INTENDED to be heard/ written in because language and truly understanding go hand in hand.


Rydw i eisiau byw yng Nghymru. Mae angen i mi wella.


I live in a welsh speaking area and so would like to use Welsh in every day living


“Cymraeg dw i!” You probably don’t write it like that, but I’m trying to learn the spoken, vernacular Welsh of North Wales rather than the written more formal Welsh I learnt in school over 40 years ago!

One day I hope to be able to engage in fluent Welsh conversation with fellow Welsh speakers from the golf club and on the football supporters coach.


I want to be a welsh speaker because I want to be able to speak Welsh with the school groups I meet at work.

I hope to be able to speak with groups more confidently next spring.


I want to be able to speak in Welsh with my children who are all fluent Welsh speakers.


i so pleased to be able to say i can speak some welsh and know with your help i will be a welsh speaker soon


My family spoke Welsh until they moved to Cardiff in the 1940’s where it was not encouraged and so the ability to speak it was not passed on to me.


I’m the only one in my house who doesnt speak welsh and I would love to be able to converse with them in welsh on a daily basis


The reason I wrote what I did when I first joined SSiW is because I have lived on Ynys Mon for 30 + years and this is my home and I love it. Its about time i could speak Welsh to my welsh speaking friends so they dont feel they have to talk in english just for me. I will be so very proud of myself when this happens and I know my friends and family will be too.:slight_smile:


Dw i isio siarad cymraeg achos dwi gweithio mewn ysbyty cymru


My mum and dad always spoke Welsh but didn’t encourage us to. Now I’ve moved to Wales, I would love to speak Welsh as it is part of my heritage.


After Trying to learn for 50 years and really getting nowhere, I’m determined to succeed this time. I’m proud to be Welsh and want to speak the language.


I work with children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. I want to be able to make that connection with the welsh speaking children in their own language instead of relying on a mixture of English/pigeon welsh/Makaton :heart:


I want to be a Welsh speaker as my daughter is in a Welsh school and I would love to be able to chat confidently in Welsh with her :slightly_smiling_face:


…because it isn’t easy, because I like learning languages and because I find it interesting. I hope it will keep my brain in good nick a bit longer.


Hi Rachel, I have just finished challenge 15. I found the last few challenges… well a challenge. I am like you I also want to learn welsh so that I can speak welsh to my daughters who are in Welsh school. I also hope like @john-guy that by learning a language my brain will remain in good nick too!