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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I’ve just caught up with the posts on this thread, and I’m bursting with pride in you all! You tell us what drove you to learn this language, your determination shines through, and your goals are clear and within reach - to reclaim your heritage, talk to your grandchildren or your neighbours, to work more effectively, or sing at a rugby match …

And this being SSiW, there’s no-one in sight to pour cold water on your dreams, and tell you Welsh is pointless or impossible, just a community of other learners willing you to succeed and ready to help.

Dal ati! (Keep going!) And if you’re ever passing Cricieth, get in touch, as I’m always up for a panad a sgwrs (cup of tea and a chat).


I want to be a Welsh speaker because, my mother’s grand parents were from South Wales and learning the language is like connecting with them,


I’m proud to be Welsh and want to able to speak the language again. (went to a welsh primary school but lost the language growing up)

I will be able to speak to family in Welsh and encourage my little boy to also learn it.


I want to speak Welsh because I feel ashamed that I was born in Wales and have lived in Wales all my life but cannot speak my own language. I learnt Welsh at school but that was decades ago! Without having someone to speak with I have lost the language but I really want to learn it. I volunteer in a small shop attached to a historic manor house in Cardiff and my “boss” speaks Welsh as do a lot of the trustees and I would so like to be able to speak with them.


…having being born in Wales and had Welsh lessons for first two years (perhaps it was three) at Secondary School, I had to choose between Welsh and Biology for my O levels. Biology won and I went on to study it for my teaching qualification. After 44 years of working in England, my wife and I have retired to North Wales where I love singing, often in Welsh, but not understanding much. Many new friends are Welsh speakers and I want to join them. Here is the link to my recent sentence, posted in
Diolch yn fawr iawn, Aran a Catrin.


“I want to be a Welsh speaker because…” Born in Kernow I am of Celtic origin. I have lived and worked in Cymru for most of my adult life and I have developed a love for the place because Cymru still has its national character and Celtic traditions.

That sentence can be completed with one word yn y Gymraeg: Brogarwch. I don’t feel I completely belong without the language.


Although I have always lived in England my mother was a fluent Welsh speaker and I would love to play a tiny part in helping the Welsh language to not only survive, but to thrive. My personal goals are to learn more Welsh songs and to be able to understand the Welsh commentary when I watch rugby on S4C!


My little grandson starts Welsh education in September and I would like to be able to talk to him and enjoy being part of his learning. Perhaps he will be able to help me as well!.
October, he has a few sentences and now knows I am trying to learn as well. He says words to me and I say words to him.


I want to learn welsh because it is a little adventure. I love the sound and it is exciting to start exploring a new language - it usually opens new doors! I hope that one day I‘ll travel to Wales, actually use some of the Welsh I‘ve learnt and maybe make someone happy because I took the time to do so. And maybe that will open a door to a beautiful place or a nice conversation or something else!


i work for Greenlands Insurance ,A Welsh company and i insure lots of Welsh speaking farmers so always wanted to learn it, i am really enjoying


I’ve always wanted to learn Cymraeg but I never thought I had the time, the unusual events of 2020 showed me that I could make the time. Diolch SSiW.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to be able to talk to my children in Welsh.


Great. As you know, Parc y Scarlets is a great place for the Welsh language in a natural unforced way.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have lived in Wales for 10 years now! My nana was from Wales and spoke the language. I hope she’s proud I’m giving it a go!
After learning a song in Welsh ‘Haleliwia’ for my choir, I knew it was the right time! I found SSiW and I love the course! I practise on my boyfriend a lot, I don’t think he minds haha!


All my neighbours are first language Welsh speakers, and I want to surprise them.


I want to learn Welsh because, I moved to Wales and I think it is important to speak the language of the country you live in. It is rather rude not to bother to learn. Also language and culture and interlinked so to miss the language is to miss a large part of the wonderful culture of Wales.
Another also, I think Welsh sounds really cool!


Hi @sue-43 and @mary-ann-nossent! I’ve moved your posts here to this existing topic so more people will see your contributions. :smiley:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to feel truly part of my Welsh culture and heritage.


I want to be able to chat with my daughter in law in her first language as well as be able to support my grandsons as they learn to converse in Welsh.
I’ve always felt pretty stupid that, in spite of sitting O level Welsh, learning how to teach Welsh to primary children and having a Welsh accent, I couldn’t string a sentence together, so want to remedy it before it’s too late!!


It’s NEVER too late, fortunately!!