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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to speak Welsh so that when I’m helping my neighbours pack fleeces,. I can join in the conversation.


… I grew up in Wales and heard my Nanna say the odd word and phrase, which made me think she may have spoken Welsh as a little girl. Now is my time! My, memory is shot, but I am still enjoying myself! [quote=“aran, post:1, topic:10504, full:true”]
What’s your WHY?

How would you finish the sentence ‘I want to be a Welsh speaker because…’?

Just ONE sentence…

I want to be a Welsh speaker because…

And what’s ONE thing you hope will happen when you are a Welsh speaker?
I shall be able to speak to my son’s girlfriend!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to connect more with my Celtic ancestors, and in gratitude to and respect for the beautiful country and lovely people who have made me feel so at home here.


… because Wales is my home.
I tried years ago at school and gave up so now it’s time to try again!


I want to be a welsh speaker because I need it for a job, and I hope that once I’m a welsh speaker I can raise my children to be Welsh speakers too.


I want to be able to speak fluently with my fiancé’s family and friends, preach in welsh in the future and raise children who also know how to speak welsh and have a passion for languages as I do.


I want to be a welsh speaker because I am a welsh woman and love have always loved our language. I also want to be able to speak it to my grandfather and nephews. I hope that once I can speak Welsh I will be able to use it in my daily life and speak it with every welsh speaker I meet.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I love the sound of the language and I love how magical it sounds.
The thing it has changed in my life is that it means I have far less to say and I think more carefully about speaking!!


I want to be able to speak the language of the country where I was born, bred, live and work.


I have lived on the Welsh border (in the Forest of Dean, 7 miles from Monmouth) for over 30 years and I travel around Wales lots in my motorhome every year. Originally, I just wanted to learn the pronunciation, because I was staying in Dolgellau and knew that I wasn’t pronouncing it correctly. But as soon as I started to dip into learning, I fell in love. The Welsh language is so beautiful, so interesting. It has already deepened my experience of travelling in Wales - last week I held conversation in Welsh with the outdoor pool lifeguard at a big campsite in Tenby. It felt fabulous!


ooh - a Vorester! I’m originally from Monmouth but have family connections to Coleford :slight_smile:


I want to be able to speak, to friends and people I meet, in Welsh. I hope that I understand their reply!


Ah! Do you visit the Forest much? I’m actually from the north-east originally and have retained the accent - but that is actually rather helpful with the Welsh accent because there are some sing-song similarities - but I’ve been in Lydbrook (a couple of miles from Coleford) since 1986. Love it.


No, I haven’t been able to get down that way for some time, unfortunately, either to the Forest or to Monmouth. I have to make do with my friends’ pics on facebook!


I want to be a welsh speaker because, I am a welsh women and I love to hear the language spoken and kept alive.


… then I can resonate with the land in the language it knows, I can rise the challenge of learning something new, and so that I can join in and appreciate the extra dimension that talking Welsh will bring to my friendships


My wife is Welsh but neither of us speak Welsh. We visit Wales regularly including areas where Welsh is the first language and we really want to be able to use Welsh so we are more part of the community.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it’s a way of connecting with my great grand parents who were from South Wales,
It would be a proud feeling to be able to actually hold a conversation in Welsh


I want to speak my country’s national language; a country I am proud to say I am from every single day!


I would love to understand what the other staff are talking about at work. Shallow, but true.