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Iaith ar Daith Series 2 - Discussion/Questions/Feedback


Rakie was astoundingly good, wasn’t she?


yup, we take our poetry very seriously here and to receive a specially written poem (nicely presented or not!) means a lot to us :slight_smile:


I’ll bear that in mind!


Absolutely loving the enthusiastic and constructive feedback on this thread! Diolch to you all for your energy and feedback. Keep it coming! :grin:


I was excited to see Iaith at Daith back again for another series! My husband, who is not learning Welsh, loves to sit down and watch them with me. I try really hard not to look at the English subtitles to see how much I understand.
Steve, Rakie and James have done amazing with learning and speaking Welsh. I am really impressed with their skills at understanding what people are saying because that is my downfall right now.
A big, “da iawn ti!” to all celebs in the series. They are a big inspiration and they increase my wanting to learn more and travel to Wales someday.


Fay, I’m in Italy and I can tell for sure it’s possible to watch it on S4C clic here (which means anywhere outside the UK).

You may want to check any adblockers or too high security settings, clear cache and cookies and try again (it happened to me before).

Or a different browser (Chrome should work, although I also use Opera and Firefox and all works fine).


Diolch, Gisella!
I cleared all the cookies etc. and it works at last. Why didn’t i think of trying that before?
Now the only drawback is I’m going to spend all my free time watching S4C!


Hello again Gisella, yes I totally agree. My daughter started learning French at school around the same time I started learning Welsh. To be fair to the German schools, they make a lot of time for language lessons in the timetable, and place a high priority on language learning in gerneral. But GOD! It’s like they surgically remove all the fun in advance! She must have spent far more time sitting in French lessons than the time I spend learning Cymraeg, but I’m streets ahead in every aspect.
The SSI method should be standard in all schools. They could do just half a challenge a week for homework and it would revolutionise the standard of languague learning across the board, using fewer resources. As well as it being FUN for the learners.


I remember being told to stop trying to say new things and to get my grammar right, because I was making too many mistakes. I was making a lot of mistakes but talk about how to inhibit learning.

I think that sums up why people often hate languages at school. It seems designed to miss the point.


I expected to enjoy the programme with Steve Backshall, and I certainly did. That canoe session was a real challenge for both of them. Whoever chose flower arranging as a task? That was funny, and they did a lot better than I would. Steve spoke brilliantly. I didn’t know Rakie Ayola before - I don’t watch enough TV! Her programme was a real treat, and she did so well, even reading aloud on Cyw. I thought that James Hook’s mentor was rather tough with him, giving him extra tests, but James responded really well. I lost the plot a bit when it came to the rugby positions and quiz, but the farming sections were good. I am full of admiration for the three of them, and I look forward to the remaining three programmes. As someone else mentioned, it’s great to see the places they visit, with a bit of history included.


The places they visited was one of the things that made the Iolo/Steve episode so excellent, I thought :slight_smile: They were all really interesting places that I would love to visit myself. Steve’s enthusiasm was inspiration and both he and Iolo seemed to have so much fun. Its not easy for everyone to just “jump in” but relaxing and enjoying learning seems to help such such a lot :slight_smile:


We caught up with Iaith ar Daith last night.

How impressive are this year’s learners? So amazing.

I found the rapport between Rakie and her friend very moving. They obviously did some good years together when they were teenagers.

I can’t wait for Chris Coleman tonight and the rest of the series.


Oh wow! Ychydig o celebrity torture there for Chris with the assault course, wasn’t there!

Well done to him, you could really see him come on over the course of the Daith as well.

I love this show for all the same reasons I love Strictly - seeing people put themselves out there, take a risk, and amaze themselves with what they do. And have fun of course.

I also keep coming back to how important relationships are in the learning process. That’s what brings it to life and provides the real context. The pairs were probably bubbled up for practical reasons but I also can’t help but think it must help so much to be able to hug and high five as the celebs go through this. Or maybe I’ve just got hug envy after the last year! .


Another great episode - what a legend Chris Coleman is - he looked so happy to be there and to be learning Welsh except in the mud !


Chris Coleman looked so confident when he asked questions or said something to people they met! :hushed:
Intensive short training worked fine!:wink:

I’m always happy to learn new things about Wales, although it was also great to see, or better, hear something familiar to me:
Anhrefn! Sain studios! Loved that part!


Thank you so much for putting this together for us. I am learning Welsh with Say Something in Welsh. I have really enjoyed the celebrities and their struggle to learn the language. So far I have watched James Hook and Nigel Owens and Steve Backshall and Iolo Williams. What a great bunch of people. Great scenery and Welsh content. Their progress and effort has encouraged me to keep up with my learning journey. Thank you S4C and SSIW and the crew who have put this together. I am looking forward to watching the next celebs in the series.
It’s a joy to watch


I found the Kiri episode inspirational. I understood quite a bit, which was surprising and encouraging. I loved her first Welsh stand up! But what was that phone call to her dad?! Such a brave thing to do and zero reaction! So funny!


Thoroughly enjoyed the Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Maggi Noggi episode. Maggi spoke very clearly and was, I’m sure, an excellent teacher, as Kiri’s use of the language seemed to have developed tremendously by the end of the programme. Pity her father was less than enthusiastic, though!


What I find amusing is that the Welsh subtitles “correct” what people say - if they don’t use mutations correctly, the subtitles still use the correct form. Slightly confusing occasionally, but quite funny as well.
(I mean, the programmes themselves are also entertaining, obviously!)


I spotted that. It is obviously a learner progression program so it does seem a bit silly that they do that. If you were deaf/hard of hearing and wanted to enjoy the program for the journey of the celeb and the improvements they make through the program you do lose a bit of that I feel.