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Iaith ar Daith - what did you think? Questions?


They don’t mention SSIW? It’s great how far she’s come and how much she has learnt. Just goes to show you can manage to get along with a few months learning, I bet it’s very helpful having a Welsh speaking friend! Wasn’t what I was expecting. Thought it’d be like Welsh In A Week, this was more personal than that. I’ll keep watching and maybe try it without subtitles next time.

(Seeing the Blue Lagoon at the end makes me miss going out atm lovely place I still haven’t visited yet.)


Really enjoyed the show. Tried to watch without subtitles first to see how much I could manage to understand and surprised how much vocab was returning from my schooldays and previous attempts to learn. Having only done the first 4 challenges it was great to find I recognised the structures and the level was just right for someone with little experience of speaking the language but a fair amount of long forgotten knowledge and I only flicked subtitles on occasionally when I wanted to check a word or two. Really excited to see the future shows.


Exactly what I thought @jen, I heard online ap mentioned by Carol but no direct mention of SSiW, Aran or intensive lessons. Saw SSiW listed on the credits at the end of the program.

I’m on the fence with it to be honest from a content perspective, but can see celeb involvement will only be a positive thing for boosting awareness and interest in Cymraeg.
I will watch the series anyway of course as it’s SSiW :):grinning::mortar_board:

I think Carol could be planning a career move into Welsh TV presenting…


S4C, as a PSB, have “product placement” guidelines every production company has to follow, and these include being careful about endorsing single products or companies too obviously - hence mentions in the credits are generally ok, but having the dialogue littered with references isn’t.


Thanks for the explanation @siaronjames :slight_smile: Diolch


That’s probably to do with the BBC? I just thought it would be more about how she learnt. But I guess with those restrictions in place it wouldn’t be possible.


No, not because of the BBC - those guidelines have applied since S4C began, way before the link with the BBC was put in place (and they apply to other PSBs - Public Service Broadcasters - like C4 too). It’s complicated and frustrating for programme makers, as well as viewers!


Interesting but yes makes it conplicated


I really enjoyed it, it was so rewarding to watch a show and recognise some sentences and follow bits of it. Really looking forward to Ruth Jones’ episode!


I loved it! I rarely sit down and watch a whole TV programme in one go, so it took me 3 days to get to the end, but I enjoyed every minute. They really did show that learning Welsh can be fun and definitely achievable!

Da iawn to everyone involved!


Gwylies i’r rhaglen efo Carol Voldermortk(sic) neithiwr. Dw i’n meddwl roedd hi’n ddiddorel iawn. Dwi’n hapus iawn hefyd achos wnes i ddeall llawer. Llawer mwy o feddyliau posibl. Joies i fe yn fawr iawn.


The programme was good fun, but I hope that not all the learners are quite as good as Carol after two months! I assume that one aim of the programme is to encourage other people to learn Welsh, and I’m worried that if they don’t make the same stellar progress, they’ll give up. There will be people, including Welsh speakers, thinking, ‘There’s no way that woman, however clever she is, has only been learning Welsh for two months.’

In fact, I was thinking the same myself, but I’ve just come away from a Slack chat with a learner in America, who has been learning for THREE WEEKS on the 6-month course. And he talked to me in Welsh for half an hour. There’s no two ways about it, that’s magic.


I understand that Carol had done Welsh at school but very formal language and virtually no speaking. However, that would give her a head start over someone who had never done any before.


It did, but not all that much, as far as I can see - apart from her being able to dig out occasional bits of old vocab, the vast majority of what she’s doing successfully now has been driven by how very hard she’s worked with the SSiW materials… :smile:


Dw i newydd gwylio Iaith ar Daith. I LOVED it! This is the first Welsh language TV program EVER that I’ve been able to understand completely without any subtitles (Welsh or English)! I can’t wait for the next one! :clap: Well done, Carol - she did fabulously after only a couple of months of learning!


Tried to watch it but as i am in australia bbc iplayer wont work for me. :frowning:


For some reason people in the UK tend to mention BBC iPlayer all the time to watch programmes, but doesn’t work outside the UK.

S4C Clic does (you just have to register for free):


That’s a huge achievement - llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn! :star: :star2:


I’m in Canada Gisella and there was a time when S4C Clic worked for me but seems to have cut off recently. Should I try and register again? Does it work anywhere outside of the UK do you know? Getting very frustrated !! Any help appreciated from anyone who can solve the mysteries of trying to get more Welsh content! Diolch yn fawr.


Hi Susan, yes S4C clic works fine in Italy, although just for for the “byd-eang” section for us outside the UK. However, since it’s called “byd” I’d expect it to work in Canada as well. :slight_smile:

I really don’t know what’s wrong with your account. Maybe you can try to register again.
Or you can write them to one of the contacts listed in the page, they usually answer very quickly and help you solve any technical problem pretty quickly!