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Iaith ar Daith - what did you think? Questions?


Really enjoyed Adrian’s episode from a feezing cold spaceship (without pants) lol
And parts of it from Llansteffan too, another place I frequent a lot :slight_smile:
Lots of laughs, and a willing attitude to learn and make mistakes, da iawn Adrian!


I enjoyed the Adrian Chiles episode I could relate to it the most I think


Hi Aran,
I’ve really enjoyed all three episodes so far really fascinating and enjoyable for completely differing reasons which seem to be much in line with your comments. The Carol Vordeman episode was inspiring, Colin Jackson’s was encouraging coming from someone who has only had minimal connection and exposure to Cymraeg up until when I started learning almost a year ago. I could relate to his struggel to find words and his reluctance to speak and mess it up but he seemed to give it a serious go in some very uncomfortable public situations, so Chwarae teg i Colin! The Ruth Jones episode was the most enjoyable and free flowing and her depth of knowledge of the language was obvious even though she was a bit rusty in her opinion. Pleasingly and surprisingly for me I was able to understand a lot of the dialogue without reading the subtitles. I’m really looking forward to the next instalment and I’m really feeling the need for some intensive Welsh having already had a weekend at Coleg Gwent cancelled and expecting the June Bwtcamp to go the same way.


Enjoyed Adrian Chiles. Fairplay to him and I hope he carries on with the language learning. It was funny hearing him say he pressed the wrong button on the app and joined the northern course by mistake. It shows in his speech (obviously) I wonder if he will switch back to the southern course in the future. It matters not as long as he continues his journey. I will eye out for him when I visit the Gower which may not be for a while considering travel restrictions at the moment. Looking forward to Scott Quinell and is trip with Sara Elgin.


Another good episode. The best thing about this series is how encouraging it is. We saw how good Carol was and Ruth too. And then we see Colin and Adrian and wow they did so well, they are inspiring and I related to Adrian saying about going two steps back.
I hope s4c decide to do more programmes like this to encourage people to learn despite it being difficult at times.
Adrian said that he wouldn’t like to go to a country without learning the language first, which is interesting. Many people are coming to Wales and learning cymraeg but people in Wales who are Welsh (in my neck of the woods) don’t speak it and have no interest in learning. It’s a shame but oh well.


It really struck me too that he thought it was only right that he learns some welsh as a visitor, when there is no feeling like that amongst most people who are born and bred in Wales! Wow, it certainly made me sit up and think. I’m only just learning at the age of 40…


I am thoroughly disappointed that ssiw/ssiw method isn’t getting the recognition it deserves but I wholly appreciate what you’re saying @siaronjames.
I also think it’s on the wrong channel. I wish it could have been aired on either BBC 1 or 2 as the people watching S4C are either learners or first language speakers and I think it should have been aimed at a wider audience.
However, I am really enjoying the program and I really wish these people well. I sincerely hope they will find what I have, through learning our wonderfully beautiful language via ssiw.
Pob lwc i chi gyd.


I totally agree,and it’s really frustrating sometimes, but unfortunately the BBC channels - even BBC Wales, let alone network - won’t broadcast programmes that are entirely or predominantly Welsh language. They make shows for S4C (e.g. news, Pobol Y Cwm) and they co-produce “piggy-back” things like Hinterland/Y Gwyll where the English version is on BBC and the Welsh one on S4C, but they won’t broadcast a Welsh-language series on BBC itself because “that’s S4C’s remit, not the BBC’s”.


I was surprised that they didn’t mention that he recognised the portion of the song he was listening to in the car from SSIW. It seemed like they fully went out of their way to avoid making that clear connection.


Maybe we could crowd fund Alex Jones to go back into the studio and do an English voice over!? :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


I saw Adrian’s episode and enjoyed it a lot.
The background theme of Welsh tradition was the furthest from my experience of Wales. But seeing him in those challenges was really hilarious.

Actually I’m pretty sure that in my first trip to Wales my average communication style was very similar to his! :rofl:
And one moment I found particularly funny (and definitely reminds me of something I often did) is when he’s sitting on the Eisteddfod chair with the medal and makes the verb up! :grin:
p.s. however, unlike him, I had made sure to click on “south” version of the course. :sunglasses:


Wow, I really enjoyed Scott’s episode - possibly my favourite - although they have all been good - and also different.

The reason I liked Scott’s so much was he was the absolute epitome of SSIW - get stuck in, get the meaning across and carry on - and in particular, don’t worry about mistakes - fantastic! :slight_smile: :+1: :sunny:

…after the version on BBC Wales how about series two - to see how they’ve got on in a year?! (oooo we could also get Chris Evans’ name down for the next batch!)

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch byth :sweat_smile:


Yes Scott was great fairplay to him. I found something special to enjoy from all five of the participants to be fair.
Scott was great though, he wore his heart on his sleeve like he did when playing rugby. He was happy to say he could not read or write (in English) a number of times which would be a stigma for lots of people. Mind his reading in Welsh wasn’t bad. Sara Elgin was great too and I enjoy watching her on Jonathan.
I really enjoyed the series and I am chuffed to bits that SSIW has had such a great impact on them all as it has had on all of us.
The Englyns at the end are a great touch. Da iawn pawb.
Have to say again that the narration by Alex Jones fills in the gaps brilliantly. :clap:


Loved the episode with Scott this week. It was so good! I love the fact that he embraced every challenge with such humour and style. He was able to be himself while speaking welsh, so clever. He’s great inspiration! :grin:


Scott Quinnell. What a legend. I laughed all the way through the episode. He was completely natural, grammatically incorrect, but it didn’t matter. He was understood! And that’s what really matters. Wish I had his confidence!


Got to agree with all the comments about Scott Quinnell…I laughed out loud, shed a tear and thoroughly enjoyed his trip and the challenges. He threw himself wholeheartedly into everything and didnt worry about mistakes or grammar. Mae Scott yn seren!


Absolutely this. Just one of the most warm-hearted, passionate, enthusiastic people you could ever hope to meet… :slight_smile: :heart:


…is there any chance of a Series 2 - ‘One Year In’? - or another batch of recruits or some combination of the two, do you know?

Rich :slight_smile:


That’s the big next question… there’s been some talk of a possible Series 2 with new recruits… we’ll have to wait and see what S4C think… :slight_smile: