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Iaith ar Daith - what did you think? Questions?


The most touching episode of the series by far. My husband is dyslexic and it’s not easy to admit that you have issues with reading and writing. Scott did so well to talk about it and his Cymraeg is excellnt, he’s picked up some really natural ways of speaking. What a truly lovely guy!


We’re like that in Llanelli see :woman_shrugging:


I really enjoyed the whole series. It’s great to see how far you can get in a few months if you work at it!


I had a bit of a hard time hard time understanding Scott Quinnell speaking…English! I’m glad there were subtitles! :sweat_smile: (it often happens in the UK, although usually more with people from the North - North Wales, Northern England and Scotland! BTW I briefly stopped in Llanelli once but did alright at communicating with the people I met)

Anyway he looks like a really nice, gentle giant and he was so sweet when he saw the slides! He was really like HUGE three year old boy! :slightly_smiling_face: :orange_heart:


I had a couple of friends from Skewen (near Neath) when I was at university.

I don’t think I understood a single word from them in three years.


would you know if a decision on another series of iaith ar daith been made yet @aran and was the first series deemed a success? Oh, and if you could choose a celeb to teach who would it be. :face_with_monocle:


Totally love this programme!! Still got the last one to watch but have enjoyed all so far without subtitles. Really hope they make a second series maybe with different celebrities and even more of a focus in the North. Very proud of SSIW for its involvement and success. Da iawn, ti Aran x


I can’t imagine that I’m the only Duolingo user who thought “Eleri Lingo!” in Colin’s segment.


My monolingual English daughter is mildly addicted to Tan y Castell Welsh Cakes, ever since coming across them on a short camping trip to Bala, so I showed her the segment of the Adrian Chiles one where he gets to visit the bakery. I went off to do something else in the house, having already watched the rest, and she went on to watch the rest of that episode on her own with subtitles.

So I mentioned that on Twitter, and she was pleased when S4C liked the Tweet – and absolutely delighted when Tan y Castell did the same a couple of days later.

Skip forward another day or two, and my partner and I were in the kitchen and suddenly heard the TV speaking Welsh in the other room: we exchanged puzzled glances, because if the TV’s speaking Welsh it’s normally my fault – she’d gone back to watch more episodes off her own bat, actively seeking them out on iPlayer. Since then she’s watched most of the series, but now some of the episodes have gone off iPlayer, I had to sit with her to watch Ruth Jones on my tablet on Clic the other day. Despite knowing no more Welsh than “dw i’n hoffi coffi”, “panad o de” and “dw i’n llyncu mul” – oh, and “sut dw i i fod i gogio bod ni 'rioed wedi cyfarfod o’r blaen?” :smile: – she’s really enjoyed the whole series.


Dwywaith (efo Vorderman a Quinnell), wnaethon nhw’n defnyddio y gair “ffrwchnedd” = banana. Does neb yn deud hynny! Dydy o ddim yn yr Ap Geiriaduron neu’r Geriadur Prifysgol Cymru chwaith.

Twice (with Vorderman and Quinnell), they used the word ffrwchnedd = banana. No one says that! It’s not in the Ap Geiriaduron or the Dictionary of the Welsh Language.


Well, that’s bananas! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that!) :rofl:


Yes, you’re right - ffrwchnedd is a particularly purist word that no one really uses, except to prove that Welsh does have particularly purist words!


Or youngsters because they find it funny - I know a few who do… :slight_smile:


I gather all the numbers show it as a raging success - I’ve heard nothing about a second series yet, so that’s a wait-and-see thing…

Mmm… hard to say… it’s tricky to know what they’re like in advance, and that’s the really important thing… so I suppose I’d most like to teach someone who would really stir up a lot of interest and inspire other people to learn… Barack Obama, maybe? :wink: Or Michael Sheen, looking closer to home…


I can see Michael sheen doing it and maybe sir Tom accompanied by Cerys Matthews. :man_shrugging:


I think Michael Sheen and Matthew Rhys would be a good pairing.


Dw i ddim isio codi twrw, ond… how about adding a bit of jeopardy? Series 2 could include someone less cuddly, who hasn’t got family links to Wales, a love of the culture and a burning desire to learn the language. How about someone who has made disparaging remarks about Wales in the past, but who would be willing to confront their prejudices, and be exposed to the living language and culture? There’s a long list of possible candidates - Anne Robinson, Rod Liddle, (gulp) Jeremy Clarkson, or (reportedly) Tony Blair…


YES!!! Michael Sheen! Come on Michael, you’d be a great advocate.
Barack AND Michelle Obama! Especially as Michelle went to a school called Brynmawr!
I think you’re onto something there @aran. Get on the phone!!!
… I want to meet them if you manage it :wink:


I feel on fairly safe ground agreeing to that… :wink:


… only ‘fairly’
Sir :eyes:, you wound me. :crazy_face::rofl: