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Iaith ar Daith - what did you think? Questions?


Lovely to see the Iaith ar Daith reunion last night - and to see Aran being properly acknowledged as their tutor too! I hope that brings even more learners to SSiW.

Excited for the new series too. Steve Backshall is the first person to say he’s going to take part and he sounds SO enthusiastic


Yes, and Steve Blackshaw’s mentor is going to be Iolo Williams!!! :heart_eyes::joy:


I loved this set of programmes and was full of admiration of all who took part. They had so much confidence and were in good spirits throughout.


Delighted you enjoyed it! They were a very special group. The second series folk are shaping up really encouragingly, too… :slight_smile:


I enjoyed the first series too. I liked the mix of the confident and the struggling - it’s encouraging for people like me to see real beginners finding it hard, but getting into it.
I also enjoyed it because I could understand a lot first time around (I always listen to a Welsh language program in Welsh-only first, and sometimes - often - I lose the plot!). I am enjoying ‘Am dro’ for the same reason.


Ah, that’s very interesting input, diolch yn fawr!

My perception is that no one in Series 2 is going to struggle quite as much as we saw in Series 1, but there are definitely some people going in to bat before they’re entirely ready… :wink:


Any idea when its likely to be on TV, please, @aran? :slight_smile: Something to look forward to…! :slight_smile:


I got this in a new years email from S4c Ceo Owen Evans - not personally of course :grin: - I assumed because I’m registered on S4clic 🥲…

I did try to find the email content on their website so I could post it onwards, at the time - as there was some really interesting information about new series in general - but I couldn’t find it.

Byddwch hefyd yn falch o glywed fod cyfres newydd o Iaith ar Daith ar y ffordd ym mis Mawrth, gyda chriw newydd o selebs yn dysgu Cymraeg ac yn teithio Cymru. Mae Steve Backshall a Iolo Williams eisoes wedi bod yn ffilmio yn ogystal â Joanna Scanlan a Mark Lewis Jones. Cadwch lygad allan am fwy o sêr yn fuan!

So, in short, March!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hŵre! Thanks Rich! I can’t wait for the Iolo one!! :slight_smile:


Yes, I think they made that episode with you in mind Cetra! :grin: You may have to watch it 5mins at a time! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Rich :slight_smile:


I’m gonna make @Cetra just a teeny bit cenfigennus now…

Look who’s driving Iolo at 29 seconds in… :wink: :rofl:


Crumbs!! :heart_eyes: Nice one!! I would have crashed!!! :rofl: