Interested in Yoga through the medium of Welsh?


Then you need ap Cwtsh:



Point of clarity (pardon the pun) - it’s actually meditation, not yoga. In case people go into it looking to bend their body and end up with their minds unfolding instead…


You should see Maureen trying to emulate my granddaughter, Izzy’s yogic contortions. :rofl::rofl:
You should also see my own “Ci sy’n wynebu tuag i lawr”


Thanks, Isata. I’ll try to be mindful of that. :wink:
What was your pun, BTW? :confused:


I’m assuming it was a pun on ‘one-pointedness of mind’, one of the standard meditation techniques. :wink:


Er… mindfulness, clarity. Something like that. It was weak.


Ah! Thanks. Her pun is easily worth 8/10 on the pun scale. :smile:


Yeah, that! :grinning:


Thanks Aran. Ap Cwtsh is great for listening to meditation guidance, but there is also a map online of various groups/teachers who do yoga/meditation/etc: