Irish Gaelic?


I did see that haha - it sounded like a right ordeal Aran!


You have such a choice of languages to swear in - luckily I don’t do Twitter. Swear Something in Manx seems appropriate for Irish Sea crossing problems…


I feel Irish Ferries could benefit from sponsoring Welsh - Irish and other Celtic connections… I remember it was Brittany Ferries who sponsored musical events and recordings bringing Breton musicians together with the Chieftains decades ago. Sadly, I have not been a great traveller but if I were one of those or ever become one I think I’d be impressed by a language aware travel business/company.


… if the wrath of Aran ever passes from them… :smiling_imp:


Speaking from a point of ignorance, I must say that after learning Welsh some of the mutated(?) Irish letters now make sense. I’m thinking of the bh in Siobhan. OK, you are going to say “It’s not a mutation” or something :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of lobbying Brittany Ferries to come and take over the Dublin-Caergybi route… :smiley:


Yeah, keep it in the Brythonic family. :sunglasses:


Just while you mentioned the subject, the part of Irish mutation I struggle with but find interesting (and which is different to Welsh and Scottish Gaelic) is “eclipsis” where the modified letter is placed before the original, which stays there.
For example: Welsh goes cath -> gath, but in Irish you get naoi gcat for nine cats (the original ‘c’ stays there and the ‘g’ goes on the front).
When a word begins with a capital letter and is mutated in this way, you can then end up with a lower first letter of the word and a capital second letter of the word, e.g. i nGaillimh (in Galway).


gCuriouser and gcuriouser… :slight_smile:


Ah! Thanks for this! I’d seen the lower-case initial followed by upper-case letter before and wondered how that came about. You’ve made it all clear for me now.


Irish I am trying to reactivate in my head right now (challenged by a beginners course online Irish 102)
Irish: Is /Tá - Welsh : Mae - English : …is, there is…
Irish: Ní/Níl - Welsh : Does - English : (there) isn’t
Irish An/An bhfuil - Welsh - Oes/Ydy English : Is (there)…?
Irish Nach/Nach bhfuil - Welsh ? English : Isn’t (there)…?

That last line looks wrong for me in the Irish and the Welsh. And the single word affirmative or negative responses are not clear in my ceann/pen wedi cawlio either…


As for adding question words into this lot… I have got a lot to get straight in my flipping from Irish to Welsh when I get to Llanrannog and want to avoid speaking Saesneg as much as poss…

Any ideas for getting these things straight in my mind/head/pronunciation apparatus/synapses?


I guess just go with the flow when you get there. You will probably just snap over to the language after acclimatising.


Reassurance much appreciated, thanks, John.


I’m late to this, but I’d like to say I’d also be interested in a Gaeilge or a Gàidhlig course after I finish the Welsh. I did the Duolingo Irish course a couple of times through, but it doesn’t really prepare you for listening/speaking.