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Is learning Welsh a waste of time?


Very close to us then. I don’t know the names but may know them in passing. We have a regular grannies group for Gorslas School and three of them live on Black Lion Road, plus another couple live in Cefneithin and @margaretnock lives on Cefneithin Road too. I will ask my friends when we next meet. Many are very local and have never moved away. Would you private message me with the name you are known by, and any details which may help them identify. We are always talking about days gone by, it would be great if we can make a connection. Also, one of my friends is Joyce Thomas a retired teacher, though its a common name.
Anyway, hopefully we will find out :hugs: I might even get to practice my Welsh with them. :thinking: Did you say you some family come from Tumbl too?


In fear of hijacking this thread … my dad was born in Tumble along with most of his siblings but there’s only the two left in that area now. My name is Geraint Scourfield, the surname passed down from my Taid, Brynmor, to his 5 kids, Glain, Benjamin, Iona, Tegwen and Gareth. Gareth and Iona have always lived in that area as far as I know.

Old days are the best subject, you never run out of things to talk about.


Diolch! I will be in touch after chatting with a few friends. :hugs:


They seem to have moved the article – that link doesn’t work, but this slightly different one does: