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Is this an issue anyone else here faces?


Hiya. Loving the course thus far, I’ve learned more Welsh doing this course for a short time than I have when learning other languages via other kinds of courses for much longer, so a massive thumbs-up from me!

The only thing that’s bugging me, and this might be me just having the memory of a goldfish, but when the sentence is first said to me to then say back in Welsh I start to say the sentence and then a few words in I think to myself - “Wait…what was the sentence?” - I literally forget what I’m supposed to be saying mid-sentence. Perhaps I’m focusing too hard on what I’m supposed to be saying or something lol. I often wish the sentence was on screen so I didn’t lose track of what I’m supposed to be saying.

Anyone else experienced this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, plenty of people experience the same thing. It’s because we are generally not used to learning without visual clues, but it actually makes stronger brain links if we can learn a language without them (I know it won’t feel like it but it does!).


I recommend starting to speak before Iestyn/Aran finishes their sentence! Start talking and keep an ear on them for what is coming next. This worked for me and means that you don’t have to remember what they said! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for the replies. Very much delighted to know that I’m not actually losing my memory. :+1:


Yes it’s normal. Some people say just make the last bit up so that you have said something. Also I sometimes mis-hear the 2nd part and translate something different - but it is all about saying something. :slight_smile:


I imagine everyone finds that, especially those challenges of “he told me that she said…” I couldn’t remember who had said what to who! It’s all practise though, even if it doesn’t exactly match.


Still struggling with that one after nearly two years! As it says somewhere in the course - the important thing is to get something out before Catrin / Cat starts to speak.