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June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020 - ***Fully Booked***


Hi Clare @ClareRussell. I’ve also traveled a lot. I studied modern languages and have always being impressed by classics Scholars. I speak Spanish fluently and one of my sons lives in Barcelona. I think modern embroidery is amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing some of your work. That’s presuming we get to meet up. Jude


Hi @Iestyn , I’ve Got a Feeling I might be out of the loop, stuck here in the canaries. Is the June bwtcamp still on? Yours wondering ,Jude


Hi jude-howells,
I hadn’t realised the April bootcamp was going ahead. I guess I’d better be ready with Zoom. So far I’ve only used it on my phone and ipad (we have a virtual village pub since the local closed its doors a few weeks back). As for my guitar playing, I’m not practicing enough but I do have a couple of tunes /songs I’m trying to write at the moment (and have been for some time). I’d be very interested to know about your songs and the process of downloading them too. Maybe we could try Zoom chat once i have it running on my laptop. How you have escaped from the cave.
Stay safe.


Hi @jude-howells Great that we’ve got simliar interests - look forward to meeting you!(Hopefully!) Yes, I like to paint animals best :slight_smile:


Hi @gareth-mitchell. I think you’re right, looks like the April camp has been cancelled. Here is the link 2 one of the songs I’m working on. If you like it I’ll send you the chords. The Tubemate app is brilliant. I don’t know how that works with an iPad tho.


I have that Tonau album. I downloaded it from her website on the strength of the song Cariad. The whole album is fabulous. I love her voice and all the songs are really interstimg. I never thought of trying to play any of them. Is it standard tuning ? Yes please to the chords. Also, are you picking of strumming?


Hello @jude-howells . No swimming at the moment but it is very quiet on the Isle of Wight so I am able to get out for a run or a bike ride without seeing anyone.
I have just done my first group chat on Zoom which, considering it was my first one, went quite well. As I think the June boot camp will be cancelled for the foreseeable future it’s important to start to use the little Welsh I know.
Like the April group, I think it would be a great idea if we could set up a chat group on Zoom before we eventually get to meet up at boot camp.


That’s great. I put the capo on the 3rd fret then it’s
G/D//C/D/Am rep
I usually pick but can just about strum with my thumb sticking out from the cast. I’ve also learned Ferch y brwyn. Maybe I should learn cariad next.


Yes that works nicely


I’m just working on cariad. Again it’s Capo on the 3rd fret. Basically the chords are A G D A, then an E at the end of the phrase. I got them off Chordify then transposed them using a capo chart.


Hi all, I really hope your bwtcamp goes ahead. Our April one had to be postponed as you know, but hoping when everything settles back down again, our group can eventually meet up and do the bwtcamp thing. Rooting for you with fingers and toes crossed.


I hope so too but I feel it unlikely at the moment. Commiserations on the postponement of yours. I also had a weekend course at Coleg Gwent canceled recently.


That’s sounds great @jude-howells! Yes, great to have a fun learning method to follow :grinning:


Hi Jude (or should that be Hey Jude? )
I meant to ask how to read the ‘/’ symbols there. Does wach one represent a bar? I can see the chords are correct but I cannot work out the timing using the symbols. I’m just working by ear and where the mood feels right to change. I’m getting it correct until I try to sing at the same time…to be honest trying to sing in Welsh using words I don’t knwo isn’t as tricky as trying to learn a Bob Dylan song in English :slight_smile:


Hi Gareth, they’re pretty approximate - just to give you an idea. Yes you can feel where the change comes. Are you picking or strumming? Try playing along to the cd to nail the rhythm. It took me a while (i.e. ages) to learn the song. Repeated each phrase over and over and over lol. Pob lwc


I think i have the first two verses and chorus sorted out. Just need to get the last verse set. I’ll then try to play and sing together. That’s when it gets messy

June bwt camp

Haha tell me about it :crazy_face::blush:


Thank you Caz. I’ve got the week in June booked off work either way, so it may be a seriously big S4C box set-a-thon instead :grinning:


Maybe we should all have a zoom chat if BC doesn’t happen


Hi Hopeful Bootcamp people :slightly_smiling_face: If it doesn’t go ahead I think a zoom chat during that week would be a good idea - maybe same time every day then we can pretend we are there!