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Just Starting!


I’m only on my third day but enjoying speaking Welsh. My mother didn’t speak English until she was 8 but as we lived in England she decided not to teach my sister and me. So now I’ve finally come back I’m learning at home. I’ve used Duolingo for the past 6 months but although I know hundreds of words, I still can’t speak!

I’m looking forward to becoming more confident and able to talk to some of the local people who I already know do speak Welsh.


That’s great, @rhian-marshall! Croeso adre! Welcome home!
You’ll soon find that you’ll be able to combine the words you’ve learnt with Duolingo into the phrases and structures you learn with us. Start talking a little with the local people and your Welsh will take off!


Diolch yn fawr. I may have only lived in Wales for 18 months of my 59 years but I have always been fiercely proud of my roots. Quite astonishing really, how strong the pull is! So good to be home :grin:

There is a lady who works in the local shop and she is a Welsh speaker. I say bore da, she talks back and I am stuck :joy:. One day she will be surprised I have something to say, I hope!


Definitely! And soon you’ll be learning how to ask her to speak more slowly and to say that you’re just learning, so you’ll be able to use those phrases with her :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau a phob lwc. I hope you continue to enjoy your studies and I believe you will.

As you may already have discovered a lot of people who are not Welsh or even UK citizens study the language. The appeal for us is that it is the key to a rich, old but still vibrant civilization coexisting with our own which would otherwise be closed to us.

One of the advantages of this course is that we are introduced to it through videos to popular entertainers. That has encouraged me to explore more on Hansh, S4C and other media ranging from Gareth the Orangutan to .Ameer’s pub and restaurant reviews.

Enjoy the adventure.


@rhian-marshall I use Duolingo too, and it is quite good at helping cement some words for me (such as ‘pannas’!) and also some of the constructions but I’d say SSiW wins hands-down in terms of getting you speaking and understanding other speakers. So if I had to choose between the two I’d chose SSiW. But BOTH together is really quite powerful (in my opinion) provided you spend more time speaking with SSiW than typing with DL…


:joy: Parsnips. I will definitely be buying those after using Duolingo and obviously eating them in the Antarctic!

I’m just awaiting the email to continue with the SSiW adventure. Also signed up for a year of twice weekly zoom lessons, going to be busy!