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Languages I'd Love To See On SSi


It suggest some minor difficulties in how we deal with the building process, but possible to work around them, I’d think… :slight_smile:


I’d love to see Luxembourgish here.

I have relatives in Luxembourg and would also be eligible for a passport - though that takes a long time and costs too much for me. My cousin tries to convince me to learn Luxembourgish, but there is very little online. One challenge is that most of the online information assumes you know either German, French, or both before you start. I don’t know either of those languages.

I took years of Spanish lessons in school and I remember more Welsh than Spanish because of this course. I am also working on the Spanish course here to relearn and re remember the Spanish I learned years ago.


I’d love to see Luxembourgish here.

Me too. :smile: When I looked after Aberystwyth’s soon-to-be-sadly-missed ERASMUS (*) exchange programme we had a Letzebuergesch-speaking student from Luxembourg. I took him with us to a student recruitment fair in the City of Luxembourg where I was delighted to hear him talk to many prospective students in that language. It gave us a definite competitive advantage over the other UK universities. :smile:

(*) The EU’s ERASMUS programme evolved from the vision and energy of Hywel Ceri Jones - an Aberystwyth graduate who became a senior figure in the Comisiwn Ewropeaidd.


I am going to write to my cousin and tell him about this site. He is very passionate about his country and language and he may be able to help or he may know others who could help with this endeavor.


When our software is ready for the next round of testing, we’d be very happy to look at some smaller languages… :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will keep watch for this, for sure, and keep on learning Welsh and Spanish!


Since we discussed Australian Aboriginal languages on SSi earlier in this thread, I just thought others here might be interested in this article from Australia: NSW introduces nation’s first laws to recognise and revive Indigenous languages :grinning:


If we’re gathering pipe dreams, my contributions would be SSiInuktitut, SSiRomansh, SSiMaltese, and SSiNiuean!

Inuktitut and Romansh have the disadvantage that, like Welsh, they don’t have a standard dialect, so you’d have to pick one (two main contenders for Romansh - Sursilvan and Vallader -, and for Inuktitut I suppose South Baffin is the one that comes to mind given where the capital and biggest settlement is).

As for Lojban, I’d be really curious how well that would work out! The grammar is something quite different from pretty much any natural language, and I’ve heard it claimed that learning the entire language is impossible for humans. (Though subsets that map more or less closely to how other languages work are easier.)

I wonder how much the twins brought up learning Lojban ended up being able to use productively.


It took a little bit to get the message across to my cousin, but he put me in touch with Jerome Lulling, who has worked hard to create language learning programs for Luxembourgish. He knows the software isn’t ready yet, but he will be on alert to hear whenever you are ready to add their language and he will help you find some native speakers. Jerome Lulling is mentioned on the Wiki Languages page: “Between 2000 and 2002, Luxembourgish linguist Jérôme Lulling compiled a lexical database of 125,000 word forms as the basis for the very first Luxembourgish spellchecker (Projet C.ORT.IN.A).” I think I was clear enough that he will know not to expect it in the next weeks or months, that this is a long term project of adding languages.


Wonderful! SSiLuxembourgish will be a great addition to the platform. Looking forward to it.


I would love to see all the Celtic Languages here. I was excited when I saw Manx, Cornish and Welsh here, and it would be wonderful to find Scots Gaelic, Irish and Breton here as well. I think the dedication to minority languages is a wonderful one. I would love to see Sami, Basque, Icelandic, Maori Mi’kmaq, and Inuktitut on here as well. I go to a Welsh class in a church, and they coined a term for Inuktitut – Iniwiteg, which I thought was wonderful.


Can we add Croatian to the list? Also seeing as there’s been a fair few of the minority languages mentioned, it’d be great to have SSi Niedersorbisch and SSi Obersorbisch up there. Two obscure languages from eastern Germany, that are actually Slavic (see links below). Then there’s SSi Molisan Croat, which is also nearly dying out but they’re trying to revive it.


All of those would be great additions to SSi. So looking forward to SSiBorg getting finished.


My friend Carlo who will be visiting me next week speaks Sorbian (not sure if it is Lower or Upper) - I think. I will warn him of the task ahead :smile:


Looking forward to a future Dutch to Sorbian, Sorbian to Dutch course :wink:


Add Hungarian to the list of languages I’d like to see. Really disappointed in the material I’ve been able to find for it so far. If I can track down a copy of pimsleur’s Hungarian I’ll be off to a decent start, but their target audience is often a bit too business minded for my vocab needs.


SSi Polish? :slight_smile: My mum is a native Polish speaker and I wouldn’t mind learning a little myself.


Agree with most of the suggestions on here. Well, all of them, really - how could I say one language is worth learning and another isn’t?

I know it’s a bit mainstream but how about Portuguese? Ideally cover all varieties (Brazilian, European, African) but if we had to choose one, I’d go for Brazilian (though I’m possibly biased - personal reasons!).

Other than that, all the Celtic languages, Basque, Icelandic, Faroese, and Estonian would rate highly with me. Oh, and what about the various varieties of Inuit?


SSI South Baffin Inuktitut! Or Igloolik, which probably has fewer speakers but more interesting consonant clusters :slight_smile: (The more eastern varieties tend to assimilate more, e.g. -kt- to -tt- or -ps- to -ts-. Greenlandic also assimilates vowel sequences, e.g -au- to -aa-.)


Sounds good to me! I’m a sucker for a good consonant cluster, even if I may not be able to pronounce it!

Interesting info, thanks.