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Languages I'd Love To See On SSi


I saw this in an article:

Finnish, which has 15 grammatical cases and is notoriously difficult for foreigners to learn,

This sounds like an assumption that needs challenging from SSi. @aran i have full confidence that you could rise to this challenge



Catalan and Breton plis :slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t wait to set Kai loose on Finnish!

My sense from other case heavy languages is that you solve for this by making sure that people are comfortable with the most common usage patterns, and that’s enough to get into conversations, and then exposure gradually solves for the extra variations (which is really pretty much the way children acquire linguistic complexities, so should be a fairly solid approach, fingers crossed!).

Hope you’re all keeping well, and getting occasional bits of sleep here any there… :wink:


Best thing is to do SSiGerman first, then Russian and then Finnish. That way I get the courses I want first :wink: and SSiBorg gets experience with increasing case complexity. :grin:


German would be good! :slight_smile: I need a serious refresher and I don’t really want to do it using any other method than SSIW! :slight_smile: