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Learners in Conwy / Llandudno


Sorry, I’ve not had much chance to get online with Christmas, school holidays, etc and not very good with forums, etc but I will try to dip in when I can : diolch


Nos Dda ,

I relocated from London to Prestatyn 5 weeks ago and am a welsh beginner. I am really keen to network with others learning welsh, so would welcome knowing about north wales meet ups. Diolch :smiley:


This is a summary of the north Wales meetups listed in the weekly newsletter, if that helps:

Deganwy - Mon, 12.30 to 2pm, Castle View Bar & Restaurant, Pentywyn Rd, LL31 9TH (Contact harvey-fudge )

Llandrillo-yn-Rhos ( Rhos on Sea) – Thurs, 7.30, Rhos Fynach Pub, Rhos on Sea, LL28 4NG (Contact nicola-l-goodall )

No one has contacted me to say that they’re not still happening, but you’d be best to check with the contact person before going along.


Hi Lou,

There is a weekly “Sgwrs a Diod” group that meets from 7:45pm onwards in the Halcyon Quest on Gronant Road, Prestatyn on Wednesday evenings. You can drop in anytime from 7:45 and people tend to start leaving around 9pm, though some of us tend to hang on until as late as 11pm.

All levels of Welsh from total beginner onwards are always welcome. Just a friendly opportunity to chat with as much or as little Welsh as you feel comfortable with, in a relaxed pub setting.


There is also a grwp panad a sgwrs every Wednesday at 10:30am in Venue Cymru caffi


Hi all.

There’s a Facebook group that I set up last year called Panad a sgwrs Dysgwyr Cymraeg - Gogledd Orllewin Cymru. On it is a list of a number of panad a sgwrs groups in the area. Feel free to join!


Dee, just for your information, I contacted Nicola Harvey via the forum a few weeks ago to find out about the meet up at Llandrillo yn Rhos. It took her a couple of weeks to get back to me but she said that it no longer meets.


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll remove it from the newsletter.


I’ve been learning with SSiW now for about 4 months and was going to go along to the meetings in Rhos but alas, they are no longer. If anyone would like to get together with me and see if we can start an SSiW meeting in the area then please let me know. I live in Llanddulas so I am happy to travel towards the Conwy area or East! I know that for me, I really need to start chatting to folk so would be keen to get a group going for anyone like-minded who fancies a chat over a coffee or more intoxicating tipple:wine_glass: Clare


Hi Clare. If you look at the posts above you’ll find info about a Facebook group I set up with panad a sgwrs groups in the area. If you join the group you’ll see the details for lots of meet-ups in the area. Pob lwc!


Hi Lizzie. I’m afraid I don’t have Facebook having given up with it twice!


Hi again Lizzie. Is there any other way I could get the info about the meetings other than Facebook that you can think of? I really don’t want to join FB again. I had 2 x 1 year sessions and didn’t like it so I won’t try it again! :sauropod:!


I’ve applied to join the FB group, so I can post information about the various groups here and in Slack :slight_smile:


Here’s the list from the Facebook site. Note these are NOT SSiW meetups, but a good chance to get to know other Welsh learner/speakers in your area:


Thank you Dee


Thanks Dee. Hope that’s useful Clare.


There won’t be a meeting at the Castle View pub in Deganwy Easter Monday but there should be the following Monday, at1230. Harvey


Just been on my first ever 3hr exploration/break of train journey in Llandudno Junction & town. Have recommended WSP channel to very gracious and kind Pw*?*heli man in the booking office, and the (1st language Welsh) shuttle service guard he told me to introduce myself to was so lovely to ymarfer siarad Cymraeg, practise speaking Welsh with… Such warm lovely people.

(Ditto, some Bangor railway staff. Mind you, rather nervous café-on-platform female owner of the proprietor pair: her hubby happier - I think).

Peter Jones licensee of the closest pub to the Llandudno town station is a mother tongue Welsh speaker I hear, from very helpful retiree to the town (originally a Stalybridge man, keen to start learning via the app and who downloaded the app in front of me in the street there & then as I headed with his guidance to the public loos by the ‘Alice’ rabbit…). Such a pleasure to spend a well-deserved 20p in well-maintained Welsh public conveniences.

P.S. @dee @Iestyn @nia.llywelyn This last loo-based remark explains my weird anon comment/rant on scrap of paper - in the CAT-Machynlleth-venue “SSiW plug” event’s first icebreaker activity - about ‘what Wales means to me’.

i.e. Civilisation from basic communally provided facilities upwards through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Nuff/digon…or/neu…too much/gormod…said/wedi cael ei deud…


Hi. Is this meeting still regular on a Monday? I’ve only just found this message (I’m hopeless at the forum and am not very fluent in using it!). Should I contact you before coming along, assuming it would be fine for me to pop by? I cannot make today but may be able to make next Monday or the one afterwards.


Helo Clare, There was a meeting to-day. There’ll be none next Monday as it’s a Bank Holiday but, we shall be meeting the Monday after ie13th May. Hope to see you there.