Learners in PortTalbot


Ok … for an evening meet, how about a Monday evening starting the 25th Feb meet at The Aberavon Beach Hotel for 6.30 - 7pm? (I’m away this Monday)
For an afternoon meet we could start Wednesday 20th say for 12.30pm ?

Both open to location day/time change if not convenient, just throwing it out there to get something sorted.
I’m free to attend both evening and daytime meets :slight_smile:
Wish we could do a poll on here…can we? If not it’d be good if you could say when you can meet up.
PS. Perhaps we should all wear a daffy so we know each other lol


Hi Caz & All.
Given a 100% choice I’d go for Wed eve or Thurs Eve, but Monday Evening would be OK.

As I said, don’t worry too much about me, as I get chance to talk Welsh on a fairly regular basis anyway. So, the main thing is that you all get together, whenever you can make it.

Edit: Hi @toni-matthews . To be honest I thought the same about the lack of Welsh speakers. But I’m surprised at how many of my friends and acquaintances turned out to be secret speakers (well a few anyway), although admittedly it did take me several months to suss them out. :slight_smile:


I can do a Wed evening John, so if it’s easier for others fine with me too.
See what the others say and we’ll go from there?
So votes please and we can get a regular meeting starting in Port Talbot for us SSIW learners.


Wednesday fine with me .


Yes, Wed eve sounds great. It’s 50/50 if I can make next Wednesday, but the one after should be definitely ok.


I would prefer to meet in the day time, but cannot do a Wednesday, Monday 25th would be ok for a first meeting, but I do not think I would be able to meet every Monday. But if that is when people want to meet thats fine, I could come when I could.


Yes, I think it would be good for you to pick a mutually suitable day and time. As I said, don’t miss out because of me, as I’m ok with finding Welsh speakers anyway. Obviously I’d be happy to come along though.


I’m really variable with the days and evenings I can do, because although I only work 3 days a week, I don’t work set days every week. I’ll do my very best to make the first meet up on Monday 25th Feb though. I’m working all day but I will try to make it by 6.30pm. I do a class with my teenage daughter in the Aberavon Fitness Centre just next door to the hotel at 8pm on a Monday/Wednesday so meeting in the hotel is great for me. Helen


What I should also have said is because Im so variable, I’ll join you on whatever days suit you guys the best, when I can. Helen


Has any decision been made as to if and when and where a meet up will take place ?


Hi all I’ve been away for a few days.
I’ve collated the days and times that everyone has indicated they can make to keep track, but as a starter it’s looking like Monday the 25th is a go if only for a one off meet. Maybe we can discuss a way forward then?
If a few others are free for Wed 20th meeting at 12.30 I am available, but if you could confirm if you’re coming that’d be great, or I’ll be on my lonesome.

So Monday 25th is a go then…I’ll get there for 6.30pm.
Wed 20th is pending depending on who can come along.
Hope this is ok, really looking forward to meeting and chatting :smile:
@Dee (newsletter?) Diolch


Hi Carin, sorry I can’t make Wednesday 20th because I’m working but I’ll be there for Monday 25th February at 6.30pm. Looking forward to meeting you all. Helen😃


Hi Toni, are you able to make Monday 25th February at 6.30pm in The Aberavon Hotel on the sea front. It’d be nice to meet you and a few other locals who are still beginners at dysgu Cymraeg. Helen :blush:


Great see you then.
20th is a maybe so no worries


Sorry I will not be able to meet up on Wednesday the 20th as have visitors, hope to make the 25th though.


Do you think it would be a good idea to creat a channel for us in Slack?
I did a search and nothing came up - just a thought


Yes definately .


I’ve set up a #porttalbotlearners group in Slack.
We can make calls in there if we fancy a quick chat between meets.
Hopefully this is the link: https://welshspeakingpractice.slack.com/messages/CGALXDLJJ/details/
If not just pop into channels and scroll down a bit to find it in the listings.
I’ve added John, but can’t find anyone else to add so please can you add yourself :slight_smile:


Great, thanks All. I hope to be OK for Monday 25th evening. But will need to confirm if OK. I’ll take a look at the Slack channel to familiarise myself with it.

Incidentally, on a different local theme: Is the Banksy still on the original garage wall next to the chapels in Ty Bach, please? It’s for my daughter, who is visiting at the moment with our grandchildren.


Hi can you.add me i .pleae, tried on link.But won’t let me.add myself !