Leeds: monthly meet-up


The next meeting is on Saturday the 25th. I will be missing but I’m sure you can find plenty to talk about.


Missing? Can you predict that kind of thing?


Don’t think I’ll be there either as only back from holiday on the Thursday. Unfortunately won’t be at September meet up as back in Lpool for a wedding. really am getting very little Welsh at the monent😟


So what, Ruth? It won’t matter; the Welsh isn’t lost, it’s just on pause. There will be plenty time to catch up when the nights draw in!
We’ve worked 40-something years and made our contribution to society. Why not live in the present and enjoy the opportunities that come along? Otherwise what advantage is there in being a pensioner?
I’m going to let the younger ones do the worrying.
See you in October when the trains may have been sorted out,


Hi Raymond et al,

So, it was THE meeting today when everyone was away…I wasn’t sure if I was going to be there on my own … I took a book with me just in case!.

And STILL we met a new high - Beryl came from Cymdeithas Leeds for the first time and we had our regular first language Gladiator, Geraint in attendance - and top of the class Welsh teachers/ speakers Eileen and Carys-T…oh - er…and me…holding them back, ha, ha!

I thought last month’s meeting would be tough to beat in terms of Welsh spoken but there was a clear margin this month - impressive - I didn’t think it would be possible - but even the bar staff were thanked in Welsh!..AND they seemed to like it! (I think we have a responsibility to teach them a few words!)

It was absolutely fantastic practice for me - once again - thanks to you all for your patience, fel arfer.

So back to normal next month - Emma will be back - and you know she always wants to flip the conversation back to English . :wink:

I think there is the possibility of there being two gatherings next month’s subject to availability - our regular meeting on the fourth Saturday plus a Cymdeithas event on the Saturday after - which is a walk/ chat around Roundhay Park if people can make it. Sounds good to me - Roundhay is lovely in the first place - add a bit of Welsh thrown in and well, what’s not to like, as they say in these parts!

With everybody back from holiday next month, goodness knows what will happen - there could be a cast of a thousand!

Either way I’m looking forward to it, I’m sure it will be fun. See you there.



We were talking about birds last Saturday and were a bit unsure how to name them in Welsh. I thought it would be nicer if we could refer to them in Welsh and decided to do something about it.

BUT nice ideas need a way of making them happen.
SO I have some pictures of garden birds for our next meeting on 24 November. And, in line with our preference for using Welsh, we aren’t translating them from English; no, we are going to name them in Welsh.
Unless you are already knowledgeable about the birds you may see in your garden it would be better if you have an idea of what they look like. You will find some garden birds on the SAGA website and lots more on lovethegarden.com or maybe you have a pocket guide book like those from RSPB and Collins. It will help if you have more than just a dictionary. It’s going to be fun!

Maybe next year we can do waterbirds, or insects, or trees, or … anything.



Sorry just not been able to come these past months and not able to come this month either. Hopefully I can start properly again in the New Year.