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Leeds: monthly meet-up


Bore da @emma-ireland!

:+1: I’ve sent you a PM.

Rich :slight_smile:

( If anyone wants me to send them a link let me know…)


Leeds Online Meeting

So it was a bit of a hoot last time - a cool quiz theme and some great contributions - diolch pawb. We experienced the 40 min limit last time and it’s possible it didn’t let everyone reconnect - let’s see how we get on this week - if we are carrying forward this way for a bit I’m very happy to subscribe if that sorts everything out.

Quiz : So this week the Quiz will be done by Carys - as we are all joining - with a ‘geography theme’ apparently - whatever that might mean! :smile:

Tell us about…

If you want to, this week you can tell us about:

+…‘what I do’ - either for your job - past or present - or what you enjoy doing …or both as appropriate

…as ever, remember it’s for fun - no stress allowed - and only if you want to :sunny:

Free for all…

Gossip, show and tell, play a game, anything you like! (Eileen’s game was great wasn’t it?!) I promise not to tell anymore jokes this week :smile:

It’s 12 noon, Saturday - let me know and I’ll send you the link if you want to attend. All welcome! :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile: