Leeds: monthly meet-up


Ysgol Undydd Cymraeg Derby ym mis Medi 2015

We now have a clash of dates with the One-Day Welsh School in Derby this coming September. Eileen is a tutor for that event and I would like to go again. I wonder what others of you think about it?



I have another commitment on the 26th so unfortunately cannot attend either Leeds or the Derby school. Would have loved to go to Derby School though.


At today’s meeting we discussed the September meeting and found that none of us was available next month and nor were some others who weren’t there today. So we decided that the best course of action was to cancel the September meet-up in Leeds.
The next Leeds meet-up is therefore in October when we hope to meet lots of people again.



Happy 2016 everybody!
This month has five Saturdays and the next Leeds meet-up will be on January 23 (4th Saturday but not the last Saturday).
I look forward to seeing you all again.


Happy new year to you .
Hope to be there.


Geraint and I hope to be there too


For those who won’t be there tomorrow here is a list of the 4th Saturday meetings in 2016:

Mid-day on Saturdays at The Brewery Tap
23 January
27 February
26 March
23 April
28 May
25 June
23 July
27 August
24 September
22 October (5 Saturdays this month)
26 November
and (if you want it) 24 December !!



Surprisingly no-one wanted to meet on Christmas Eve! We’ll take that one off the list.


Sorry folks. Won’t be able to make this Saurday, February 27th.


It was nice to see Sian at today’s meeting. Lynette’s idea seemed to stimulate creativity in the use of the Welsh language. I think we should try it again.


It was really good to meet up on Saturday, I was very nervous and nearly didn’t make it but everyone was great and made me feel confident enough to have a go. I did like Lynette’s game and would like to play it again. Rydw i’n edrych ymlaen at y cyfarfod nesa!


Hi. I’m a newish learner, living an hour and a half’s drive away, wondering whether to join. Could you tell me a bit about the group and how it works.


Hi. Do come and give it a try. Where do you live? I have an hours train journey to get there. We have a chat in English till most of us are there, then play some simple games yn cymraeg. We are mostly beginners but have two or three more fluent speakers who help us. We meet from 12 md to around 3 pm, depending on our individual transport modes. Every 4th Saturday , see above for the dates for this year.


Hi again. Thanks for your reply, Ruth. Just wondering, from that, how much time is spent on Welsh speaking, roughly? I need to think about cost etc. If it’s equal English social and Welsh chat it’s probably too much of a trek/expense, but if it’s mostly a chance to speak Welsh for 3 hours and meet fellow Welsh learners that would be more than worth it.


It’s more than half Welsh. The learners need a bit more English but are encouraged (gently) into Welsh. Those nore fluent can do most of it in Welsh because they only need the English if they are helping someone else.



Thanks for that. Ironically, I’ll be on my way to Wales that day, so stopping off in Leeds to speak Welsh seems a bit odd, but it’ll be a good opportunity to meet the group and try a bit of Welsh in a very supportive atmosphere.
Where do you meet?


The Brewery Tap pub, in the upstairs room. The pub is by the main railway station on New Station Street. There is no carpark at the pub but there is a multi story nearby. Would be nice to see you there.


If you come out of the main entrance of Leeds railway station and
turn to the right, along the row of waiting taxis, then the Brewery Tap
is on the left opposite Evans Cycles.

We meet in the upstairs room from 12:00 noon onwards with people
arriving until about 1:00pm and leaving any time up to about 3:00pm.


Thanks. I will be ther. How will I recognise you all? Will you be sporting daffs?


We use the upstairs room except for the very occasional time when it has been booked for a party. Usually there are 6 or 7 of us and the others in the room are mostly couples, we have books with us, they have shopping, we come as we are, they are dressed up. There won’t be a problem; the room is not big. We used to put a red dragon on the table but it really wasn’t needed. If in doubt just say ‘S’mae’ and wait for the response!