Leeds: monthly meet-up


Looking forward to seeing people again on Saturday. Easter may create a problem for some but it’s also an opportunity for others.



Dw i wedi bwcio fy tocyn tren am Dydd Sadwrn. Wela i chi yno


Well, maybe it was Easter Saturday but instead of the ‘sparse’ meeting we might have expected we had one of our best. Nice to see Shan again and that Fran was able to join us; more people gives more variety.


It was a good meeting. Hope you enjoyed it Fran. Putting accents onto written words was mentioned. I have used this website


It was lovely to meet you all. I did enjoy it, especially the game, which was a fun way to learn new words and think about sentence structure. I will try to come again, but it is quite a trek.


It was good to see you, too, Fran. Leeds is more or less in the middle for those who come. Not everyone comes every time, but everyone has this urge to come and try out their Welsh. Some can manage a complete conversation in Welsh and it can be useful to just listen and try to understand what is being said.

We keep changing the ganes about. We don’t always use the roller but that is the second version of it and I am collecting pictures for two more topics - things seen about town and means of transport. Eileen has lots of experience and lots of ideas for games, too.

You will be welcome whenever you can come again.


Do hope you will be able to make it again . Sorry folks won’t be at April meeting. Will be at Harrogate Flower Show. Hope meeting goes well.


Just four of us today but someone always benefits. Today I had loads of things sorted out for me by Eileen and Geraint; it was a wonderful opportunity and it was very useful. Many thanks to both of you.


Sorry to have missed it. And I can’t do May either. Oh dear. I really need the practice!!!


Never mind, come when you can. I find it valuable to have contact with Welsh speakers who are not learners. Maybe it’s only once a month and maybe it wouldn’t matter so much for those who visit Wales frequently but Eileen and Geraint have been of enormous help to me.

The Leeds Welsh Society has also started opportunities to chat in Welsh. The next is on July 12 at 11:30am in Leeds. There is an overlap between Leeds Welsh Society and the SSiW group although they are separate organisations each with their own activities. If you are interested I can put you in contact with them.



Thanks, Raymond. Now I’ve made contact, I’d rather stick to the SSi group. I’m not very good at meeting new people and the more nervous I am the worse my Welsh, as you heard!
Hopefully see you in June.


I’m really sorry, I missed last Saturday’s meeting because I had the wrong date in my diary - I’ve checked the rest of the year, and hopefully will see you in May as long as we’re back from a short break in Northumberland in time. I’m so miffed I missed the chance of all that help from Geraint and Eileen!


Ah, bechod! (I think that’s what they used to say in this situation in Anglesey but please correct me if it’s wrong)
Dwi’n gobeithio dy weled di ym mis Mai.



I’m looking forward to seeing you in Leeds on the 28th. (I know it feels wrong but this Saturday is the 21st).
If you have ideas for activities please bring them along. We like to play!


Aiming to be there


I’ve ordered an A4-sized, dry-wipe board and it is due to be deliverd by next Wednesday so that’s still well before next meeting. I’ve got a couple of ideas we could try but I’m looking for other ways we could use it for word games, etc. All suggestions welcome!


We could try hangman, focusing on a subject eg things that are in the room, or animals etc. Or start a mini crossword type scrabble.


Like ‘I spy with my little eye …’ hangman? What a good idea! Sounds like fun.

I was thinking more like Boggle in Welsh.

We’ve more ideas than time to use them in and it’s still over a week away.


Just a reminder in case your thoughts are just about the referendum on Thursday that we will be meeting this Saturday in Leeds. It should be welcome relief from all this political stuff!


Just seven of us today but that included Eileen, Geraint (native speaker from South Wales) and Malcolm (native speaker from North Wales). It was a wonderful opportunity and the games made a learning experience into fun. There are times when learning with SSiW can feel like a solitary activity and a meet-up with real, live people becomes an essential morale booster. Today’s meeting was just what I needed and I hope it was useful for the others, too.