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Level 1 Challenge 13 & 14 - help please?


I’ve seemed to hit a wall here with sentences such as “Your sister wanted you to tell me last night” and “Someone wanted to tell me” etc. I think my confusion is about where Oedd goes in the sentence and where the linking 'n, yr go if needed at all. Some sentences run in the same order as English whilst others are very jumbled. I guess I have to push through and just try to learn the various patters but has anyone found an easier way to work these out? Many thanks.

Week 7 lessons 12 and 13

Normally, oedd goes at the front of a sentence - “your sister wanted” being “oedd dy chwaer di’n moyn” and “someone wanted” being “oedd rywun yn moyn” (may or may not be spelled exactly like that). “Someone who wanted”, meanwhile, would be “rywun oedd yn moyn” - just like “someone who wants” is “rywun sydd yn (or sy’n) moyn”.


If it’s any consolation, I think 13 and 14 are the weakest bits of Level 1 - so the bits that don’t come into focus for you, blame me, not yourself… :slight_smile:

But it is still worth trusting in the spaced repetition to help you get them nailed down over the course of the rest of the Level… :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for your response. Thinking about translating what has been said and then trying to summon the Welsh in the right order is proving difficult. I’ll keep trying!


Thanks Aran, I guess I had a bit of a panic about structures getting more complicated combined with some new words that only sound right when you repeat them with rolling r’s which I can’t do yet! I’ll keep pushing on. Thanks again for your reply.


That’s always the key… :slight_smile:


Yes, I certainly feel disheartened and unmotivated, particularly at challenge 14 which seems to have gone a bit silly, particularly when I feel I was making such good progress. I will push on but my concern is that the subsequent lessons will start asking you to repeat the sentences from this level.


Hi @michael-1
Yes, I remember that challenge 14 was quite alarming at the time. it did get better though. The sentences did come back in later challenges but, strangely, they seemed to have sunk in and I found myself saying them. I was busy worrying about newer sentences so I suppose that they didn’t bother me so much. Some of the longest sentences never came out correctly in the time allowed but it really didn’t matter. “Carry on” is still the best advice, I think.


Hey Michael I felt exactly as you did…those are crazy challenges but honestly put them behind you and get back on the bike…it’ll all come good


Hi again Michael,
It’s all very well for us to dredge up old memories of challenge 14, but I thought that it would be only fair if I did it again. Well, I have. It must be a year since I did it last. I still can’t remember how long sentences are supposed to end, and if is is possible to get a mutation wrong then I am sure to do it. Lots of mistakes. Having said that, a pleasing amount did come back. It’s a good thing that I moved on first time round and didn’t try to get it all right. I might have given up. I would have missed so much enjoyment.


Thanks, Sue, that is great. Thanks for taking the time to go back through it, as you say, certainly helps me to have real world examples of people who’ve gone through the process! But still possibly shows how even with your experience that it’s still a bit too much too soon!


If anyone who feels a bit stuck would like to read a few more experiences, click on this link (and don’t worry) :wink:



So had a bit of a pause because of work and have restarted onto challenge 17 last week. In the mean time I am going back to redo challenge 12 onwards. I got to challenge 13 today and I nailed it! I was genuinely surprised - it all just came out without even thinking about it!
Wanted to update future learners who come across these posts: keep pushing through, do the challenges, give yourself a break if needed, don’t be hard on yourself and I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I am! Iesu mawr!


Superb work - you’ve reaped the just rewards for pushing on through the pain and uncertainty! :star: :star2: