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Help: Is it Wnes ti gwylio or wiliest ti for did you watch
Also: Nobody wants to ask - Does neb yn moyn gofyn…
Nobody needs to - Does dim eisiau neb… why not Does neb eisiau


You can use either “Wnes ti wylio” or “gwyliaist ti” - they both mean the same.
‘eisiau’ here is not actually a verb as in English. In Welsh it’s a noun, so it follows the noun pattern rather than the verb pattern (moyn is a verb, so it follows the verb pattern).


Thanks for the reply Siaron but what about the dim in Does dim


You have the dim because although we translate the phrase in English to “nobody needs”, the literal Welsh translation for “does dim eisiau i neb” = there is not a need for nobody (double negatives are fine in Welsh!)
In the moyn example, you don’t need the dim because there’s no “not” in this one! This literally translates as “There is nobody wanting to ask”


Diolch yn fawr Siaron dwi wedi bod yn trio deall am biti wythnos nawr