Level 3 South - new lessons published


Just to be clear - the Android app is now showing the latest level 3 lessons?


Oh for heaven’s sake. I read that as ‘refreshed again and it didn’t do anything different’. It’s clearly time I invested in a new brain…


It’s clearly time I invested in a new brain…

I’ve got one you could have cheap. It’s got a high mileage but has rarely been used recently. :wink:


but what would aran do with a politician’s brain?


Sorry for the delay. Yes, the level 3 lessons are present and working. I didn’t do anything more complicated than press the refresh icon (which I had previously done before posting my question). I have no idea why it didn’t work the first time, no error messages or anything. Anyway, it is all working now. I enjoyed the first lesson (very pleased with myself for remembering so much from before) and I’m about to tackle lesson 2.


OK, challenge 2 completed, but my brain was definitely slowing down by the end.


Just finished the fourth lesson, very enjoyable and enough of a challenge to stretch my brain nicely.

I think there might be a mistake in lessons 3 at 14:19 where the English says hotel but the Welsh says wal.


@Iestyn have you seen the above? is it wall or gwesti ?


Another tiny thing. I didn’t get an email notification of the new lessons (usually from Aran), during the times I’ve not been following the forum they’ve been really useful.

Is it worth sending one out?


Well, my review of Lessons 1-4 is that I reckon someone on the SSIW writing team has spent a lot of giving time giving hotel room numbers out to random members of the general public near the hotel - before then just climbing over loads of walls near the hotel anyway. :D:D:D:D


… and throwing stuff.
Incidentally, did anyone hear the Radio Cymru article on the Royal Welsh Show Welly Throwing Competition this morning? OK, so they used the N Wales version (Tafle) of throwing.

Getting totally side tracked - I remember this as Welly Hoying, as it was in the original Northumbrian. But we have just learnt that “hoe” means “rest” in S Wales. Sounds like my kind of sport. :wink:


“Hoi hinny, hoy a hamma owa heeya” = “I say there, throw a hammer over here”
My nephew lives in Newcastle (although he’s a mackam) so I often hear the “richness” of North-East speech. :smile: Cant understand a word my niece (another mackam) says, though - she talks at 90 mph. :confused:


Very quickly jumping in here to apologise for not having any new lessons out for you - with bootcamp etc, recording hasn’t been as quick as I hoped, an won’t be happening this week either (too much travel involved this week - I’ll barely see my computer before Friday…)

So, a little patience called fro I’m afraid, and I will let you know when I’m on track.



Challenge 4 is brutal! I loved it, so I immediately started on 5 (well, on north for a difference) ! :+1: :muscle: I really love the third set of challenges so far; I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere because they’re hard and easy at the same time. Diolch yn fawr iawn @iestyn a Cat!


Any update on the progress of the new lessons yet?


Cat and Iestyn are currently taking a well-earned break … if having 4 children off school can really count as a break … but they’ll be back recording soon! Watch this space!


Just about two months since the last level 3 south lesson was published - any chance of any more in the forseeable future?


Just went through all Level 1 and 2 since bootcamp in April (I did the old Course 1 and 2 before bootcamp) and was delighted to find 4 challenges already for Level 3!! The bwtcamp was so awesome - helped get me overcome my fear of having real welsh conversations. I look forward to more challenges for De and in the meantime I’ve switched over to Gog to listen to the challenges available there and to hear @aran’s voice for a change! Love to you and Cat and Emrys and Ioan and Elliw and Gwenllian…


Shw mae, Dai?

The next few lessons will be released over the next month or so. The first two are in “post production”, ie have been recorded and produced, and just need to be treated for quality. That means we are days away, subject to volunteer time in doing the PP work.

Then there are another two that have been recorded and put into the system. These should be available a week or two later.

I have a bootcamp next week, so will do nothing on lessons for the week, but then will hit the next set of lessons and get them out as soon as possible. I think I have a clear 3 week run at that, so I hope I can get things done before half term disruptions.

But most importantly, there should be another four lessons coming our over the next 4 weeks, with the first two very soon.


Good news! It’s not even days, because I just released the next two, lessons 5 and 6 :smiley: