Level 3 South - new lessons published


Will these lessons be available in the iPhone app soon? (I am running the beta version mind - @lewie, would you have any idea why the new lessons haven’t appeared on the app yet?)


How 'bout now… :wink:


Thanks I enjoyed lesson 5. It has given my brain a workout. Whilst waiting for these two new lessons I repeated the short forms verbs in the old level 3.Its amazing how much you can forget.


Lessons 5 and 6 brightened up my journey from Aberystwyth down to Bridgend for work this morning.

Finished Lesson 5 in Llanrhystud and 6 in Pencader.

Anyone who knows that route can probably now visualise what route I decided to take this morning (I’m usually a Llanbydder cut through type of man - but fancied a change).

Not much climbing over walls into nearby hotels to “steal” a couple of postcards this time around I see!!! :wink:


Aha! Yes, all working good now! Diolch Jeff! :slight_smile:


I’m hoping you drove over/dros the newish Llandysul Bypass on your way. I spend may happy hours working on that road.

I loved all that dros y wal (over the wall) stuff. It just seems to trip off the tongue.

Did you come across any Porthcawl Elvis Convention (Gwyl Elvis) delegates in Bridgend? Apparently 40,000 are expected(?) The M4 was pretty busy last night.


The very same bypass!

My office in Bridgend is out on a boring industrial estate so I just have missed all.of the Elvises!


Happy Days! Just downloaded them… Managed to listen to challenges 1,2, and 3 with @aran - found that I replied using my already learned southernisms instead of the northern variations but after a while it wasn’t much of a stretch to understand the Gog! I’ll go back and do all the northern level 3 after 5 and 6… Thanks!


…and now number seven is out :slight_smile: And I’ve asked Jeff to make sure it’s available on the app too, so you should all be good to go. Enjoy!


I was really enjoying the vocab pieces that @faithless78 has created for levels 1 & 2 - are they being added to for Level 3 also? I’ve searched the forum and not located them… Blessings on all of you for adding to my Welsh capacity and confidence.

I went into my part-time care job at Coleg Elidyr in Rhandirmwyn yesterday and heard two of the staff talking Welsh with one another and we had a brief but lovely exchange in Welsh and one was so happy to hear others learning her language.

Keep up the good work SSiW!


I am writing course notes still, but was under the impression that vocabulary was being added to the lessons as they are published now (on the website I believe this is happening. On the app I haven’t seen this yet).

I would be more than happy to continue the course notes if people wish for me to…


Looks like vocab for 5-7 South isn’t up yet on the website. But you should see vocab for 1-4 South in the app now.

In case you’ve missed it, the vocab lists show up on the page for each Challenge. Look just under the audio player controls.


In a coincidental bit of convergence, I just happened to be updating the vocabs for South 5-7 this afternoon, without having yet read the above comments! So… yep, they’re there too now. :slight_smile:


I live just off that Llandysul bypass! Next time you’re going by, get in touch and drop in for a cuppa. It would be lovely to meet you. :slight_smile:


And all are now in the app as well…


A quick language query from me for a change:
I think in South new level 6 (or 7?), the Northern style “lle” rather than “ble” was used for “where” (not “place”).

Just checking if lle instead of ble is ok in the South, now. OK, I know it’s not life threatening - just interested.


I may be wrong, but in the south, “ble” is used for “where”? (question), but “lle” is used for “place” (noun).

Whereas in the north, “lle” does both jobs. (I think!).

Edit: According to the Pocket Modern W. Dictionary, “ble?” is actually regarded as standard for the question, although it says “lle?” may actually be more commonly used in practice, with “le?” as a regional variation.


Yep, that’s right - ble is “where?” as a question in the south, while lle means both “place”, and also “where” in a non-question sense (such as, for example, “that’s where I live” (dyna lle dw i’n byw). In the north, the one word lle serves all three functions, questions included. :slight_smile:


Anyway - Lesson 8 was just published! It won’t be available on the app right this minute, but should be there as well soon…

(There’s a small audio glitch in the middle which @lewie found during post-processing, but it doesn’t affect comprehensibility, so we’ve published it anyway. I’ll ask @Iestyn to re-record that one snippet during his next batch of recordings, but I thought people would rather get access to the thing sooner! :slight_smile: )


And it’s in the app now …