Level 3 South - new lessons published


That’s interesting,. John. Could you (or someone else listening) tell me where? I can’t imagine that I would record the sentence with a “lle” in it, even if I’d missed it in editing. I wonder if it’s a marginal case that will just extend your understanding of the difference between the two words, or whether it really is a glitch on my part.

Aaagh, I may be turning gog…


“escaping from that shop”?
“what life means”
“climbing over the wall into the hotel”.
“He doesn’t make me happier often”

the deep, dark world of Level 3.



Oh dear - looks like it’s all gone a bit “Gwyll”…


Challenge 9…
“Where were you when they found the corpse?”
“Can you explain what 'Smith & Co Poison Ltd.” means on your most recent bank statement?"
“Is that you on the CCTV?”


I’m surprised anyone would think this wasn’t entirely normal behaviour.

Especially in Aberystwyth.


I had a couple of the new Challenges playing earlier today, and I definitely heard both you and Cat say ‘lle’ at least once - probably about Challenge 4 or 5. I’m not sure which now. I also noticed an ‘edrych’ in there where the particular phrase always had ‘disgwyl’ before. Maybe you really are turning Gog :wink:


It’s so hard to avoid! They get us all in the end!!


There it is: Challenge 4 - 20:50

I noticed some other Gog things as well… “dydy hi ddim”, “aros am fis” (17:20) without the “sh”-sound… :smile:


PS: really not a problem to me. As my English language accent is a total mish-mash of N, E, S & W, I claim the right for my Cymraeg to be the same.

Incidentally, I still stuggle with the correct “w” sound. Cwm and cwtch/cwts come out with a hint of the NE England oo. The IPA guidance doesn’t tend to help either - “w as in book”. Yes, that’s how I say it, boook. :slight_smile:


Seems to agree with Kinetic’s explanation “where I can…” using lle. So all good.


Dydy hi ddim - is heard everywhere, it’s not just “gog” :slight_smile:


…aaaand number 9 is out (and available on the app too). :slight_smile:


Some useful phrases in this one.

“I will never love under a bridge again” - bit sad, but all good things …

“If you don’t make me a cup of coffee right now I will never love anyone ever again” - yep this is how I feel most mornings.


I’d just said it to Catrin, so I thought I might as well throw it into the lesson too… :slight_smile:


What’s that - challenge 9 is done?? How exciting! I’d started the gog challenges to avoid withdrawal symptoms …


When you say “in the App” - do you mean the iPhone app or both iPhone and Android? I don’t see any place for vocab in the Android app - am I missing something?


“Escaping from an interesting life”
“I will never love again under the bridge”

Next week on Y Gwyll… :D:D


No vocab in the Android app. I’m old school when it comes to reading and the lessons…

But if enough people form some sort of protest movement with burning torches and the like (or a forum post requesting the feature, I suppose) it’ll get added eventually.


South #10 is out as of this afternoon :slight_smile:


…and now #11 is out too :slight_smile: