Level 3 yet?


any update on this guys, thanks again for such a fantastic resource


Diolch am dy eiriau caredig… :slight_smile:

This is a 2019 kind of thing - we’ve got pretty much everything in place to press ahead with it, but the tail-end of this year is going to be about starting to scale our Welsh advertising, opening up our new intensive Spanish residentials, and then opening a guided/structured 6 month approach for Level 1 and 2 Spanish… if that all goes well, then we should be ready to start work on Level 3 by about the spring… :slight_smile:


I am really looking forward to level 3. Have just started at a class here in Spain, and the teacher is very strict and makes us work hard for 2 hours twice a week, plus homework. I am finding what I have learnt on levels 1 & 2 helps me a lot. I have more confidence and do not get as stressed as some of the other students. Thank you for all your help.


That’s brilliant to hear, Pauline - well done! :star2: