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Lift Sharing Wales - Eisteddfods/Gigs/Events/Bootcamps 🚗


aw, shucks, just happy to help! :blush:


Hi everyone, wondering if there is anyone I could share a lift with to the Party . I’m in South West in Bath but could get to Bristol or Cardiff and obviously happy to share petrol costs - thanks Karyn


My flight confirmation came in today, completely upending any travel plans I made… I am flying in on Thursday 30th and wanted to go up by train and bus, but my flight has been kicked so far back that I won’t be able to reach Caernarfon in time to check into my hotel. So now I am forced to stay the night in Birmingham, going up to Caernarfon on Friday instead. So…

SEEKING lift from Birmingham to Caernarfon on Friday, May 31st
SEEKING lift from Caernarfon to Birmingham on Sunday, June 9th
@Isata ?


Cardiff to Caernarfon Friday 31st May
Caernarfon to Cardiff Sunday 2nd June

Looking for a lift to and from the party. Anyone driving up from the Cardiff area (or South East Wales in general)?


Hello, I live in Conwy, which is very pretty and interesting and would be happy for you to stay with us on 29 May. We’re on the train line and there is a direct bus to Caernarfon, takes an hour. Let me know if you haven’t had a better offer. Kay


I feel your pain.

Seriously, though, Birmingham’s a lovely city! And lots to see - we have the biggest Primark in the world! :wink: And no problem about the lift. I’ll be in touch to discuss travel times, etc. soon.


I’m going from Llanelli to Caernarfon :woman_shrugging:
If this is the best offer you get you’ll be very welcome.


Kay, that is so lovely of you, thank you! I am touched. Yes, I am delighted to accept your gracious offer. How very kind of you! Diolch yn fawr iawn.


Great! Please can you email me on so I can send some more details. I can email from the computer using the keyboard which is easier. Edrych ymlaen at dy weld di! Kay


Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.


Please be aware that there is a train service directly from Birminham International Airport to Aberystwyth via Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Newtown, and Machynlleth. There is a direct bus service and the possibility of lifts (including with me) from Aberystwyth and Machynlleth and alternatives for overnight accommodation.


If someone is still in need of transport, or as a contingency plan, I’m driving up to Caernarfon on the Friday (31st May), stopping off at Bath to pick someone up, then probably Abergavenny, Llanfair-Ym-Muallt (Builth Wells), Llanidloes, Machynlleth via Llyn Clywedog, Dolgellau (possibly via Tywyn), Porthmadog. If you like to be prepared, PM me for my phone number and ring me even on the Friday if a need arises…


Hi Hishiv,

I’m going up too from Cardiff and need a lift too. I could borrow a car if there are 4 of us and another driver driving on their insurance.



Hi Huw,

I’m looking for a lift to the Party Friday 31/5/19 from Cardiff. Is this possible - obviously can travel to you if you not too far.

Diolch Louise


I know of one other person who might want a lift (@Sylv), so that makes 3. I can’t really help with the insurance aspect I’m afraid.


You would, of course, be welcome, Louise if you can get yourself from Cardiff to Aberystwyth by midday-ish on Friday 31/5. However, that is tricky by public transport and 3 hours + by car. I’ve checked Traveline Cymru but can’t find an easy solution. If you can manage to get to Aber by 1 pm -ish, please send me a private message with your mobile phone number and/or e-mail so that we can complete arrangements.


oopse sorry thought you were going from cardiff - got a lift now - see you there


Hi Hishiv - I’ve got a lift from Gary now - see his comment about picking up in Bath - pehaps he has room for more.


It’s okay, I’ve nabbed Hendrik for my car. Don’t you pinch my navigator! (Though I haven’t told him about that yet… :wink:)


Birmingham to Conwy/Llandudno vicinity, Wednesday 29 May
Kay has most kindly invited me to spend that night at her home. I’m planning to go by train but if someone’s drive syncs up with my date and route, I’d enjoy getting to know more SSIWers, and would, of course, share gas/petrol costs with you. yn