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Llanelli meet up


Hi, I’m on challenge 23 level 1 and I need to bite the bullet on practising speaking with others. Anyone out there from Llanelli and surrounding area willing to meet up to chat over a coffee outside.

Not keen on zoom etc


I hope you get some practice partners soon, Deborah. Have you also tried typing LLanelli in to the search box to see what comes up? All the best! :slight_smile:


Hi Deborah, I live in Burry Port and we’re hoping to start up a Welsh conversation group, hopefully before too long… Was waiting until we could safely meet up. Not me organising it, but it’d be great if we get it off the ground and you could come along. Are you on Facebook? You could send me a message and then we’d be in touch…
I’ll never find you on here again!!


Great news, yes I am on Facebook. Will try and message you