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Llanrwst Passport


Did anyone else get one of the Llanrwst Passports and get it stamped? I got one on the last day and managed to get about 20 stamps but, its pristine state was soon rendered " well-used" by the continual rain.


I believe @leiafee got hers thoroughly stamped, too!


@AnthonyCusack and Emma had them.


We did indeed. Only got 4 stamps though


Does anyone know if these are still available somehow, or were they made just for the Eisteddfod?


I am making enquiries for you, from Llanrwst Council, about the continued availability of the Llanrwst Passport.


I had a lot of fun with it!


Penblwydd Hapus, dw i’n meddwl.


Cymdraegwn, There are some shops in Llanrwst that still have remaining copies.