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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


Rhag ofn bo chi ddim wedi gweld hyn - In case you haven’t seen this:

London Learners - Mererid Hopwood


Mae’n edrych yn dda, diolch.


I can’t make it but v sorry because Mererid is a great speaker!


For our next Llon-dain we are going back to Hampstead Heath meeting at the Lido cafe which is at the bottom right hand corner closest to Gospel Oak station. The date is Sunday the 22nd May and we will be meeting at 2.00pm. We normally have a gentle stroll for up to two hours and end up in a pub. Everyone welcome and the sun will be shining brightly! @Deborah-SSi


Bydda i’n teithio yn nôl o wyliau yn Wrecsam. :frowning_face: Mwynhewch!


For all those avid readers of Deborah’s excellent weekly emails to SSiW followers I thought I should point out that the Llon-dain on 22nd May will be starting at 2.00pm not 10.00am. @Deborah-SSi For those who don’t know the signficance of the name Llon-dain, it is a pun on Llundain with Llon meaning happy or contented, so we have a happy walk in London.


Oh, mae’n ddrwg 'da fi! Sori! I’m not sure how I did that … maybe half my brain was still in Australia :rofl::joy:


Helo Peter, Fydd y llwybr yn gylchol? Fydd y dafarn ger Gospel Oak neu orsaf arall? Oes map y daith gerdded eto? Byddai’n ceisio dod ond dw i ddim yn sicr ar hyn o bryd.


Hi Elizabeth, we haven’t got a plan of where to walk yet but it will be a circular one around the heath. The last time we started at the Gospel Oak end and went to a pub next to the station when we finished. Normally we walk for up to two hours but not longer. Would be really great to see you there if you can make it.


Hi Peter, Thanks for the information. The Overground is running from Highbury & Islington to Gospel Oak on Sunday so I intend to be there.
TFL has just sent their weekly email. There will be no trains on Sunday between Barking and Gospel Oak.