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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


Will definitely be holding one in Central London at some point. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, newbie here. I’d be interested. Keen to practise speaking Welsh with others.


And looking forward to meeting you in May. Thanks for the post.


Many congratulations on creating this. I am not here in May and will keep watching. Hwyl i pawb, Sheelagh, Mortlake.


I’ll not be in town on the 12th, but I’d love to join in future! (I live in south London just btw, would’ve been very keen for Dulwich!)


Trueni, but I am sure we will be back there in the future.


Okay, so the first (and hopefully not last) Llon-dain will be taking place this Sunday at 2.00pm. We (not that I know if ‘we’ will be three or twelve of us) will meet at the Dulwich park café for tea/coffee before our epic stroll. The weather forecast is dry with temperature about 17 Celsius so I am planning on nabbing one of the outside picnic tables to sit on. I will put something noticeably Welsh on the table so easy to find us. If I can’t get a table not sure what to do but bring your phones and I will start posting on this forum (hopefully not a selfie of me on my own).

The ‘epic’ stroll will start about 2.30pm with us leaving the park by Roseberry gate onto the South Circular (sorry, about 400 metres of carbon monoxide poisoning) before cleaning our lungs as we enter the wood and walk up Cox’s walk. Decisions will be made on the best route at the bridge over the defunct railway line as we study the painting by Pissarro (art as well as nature). All paths in the wood are easy to walk so trainers would generally be fine depending on the weather. The walk can be from 30mins to an hour depending on route before arriving at the Wood House tavern at the very top off the hill for a drink and a snack.

I have attached a map of Dulwich park which is about half a mile from either North Dulwich station or West Dulwich station.

See you there. (@Deborah-SSi if not too late to get in the newsletter)


Looks great! I hope you all have a lovely time. It missed this week’s newsletter - I usually get it written on Mondays - but I’ll put a link in our SSiW Slack groups, so maybe there will be some interest from those.


I hope to make it to this.


I would be interested in joining you unfortunately i have something to do this Sunday (12th) and i’m crafting every Saturday.


Hi, I’m very new to this course (only just completed challenge 6) but am loving it.
I would’ve loved to attended tomorrow’s meet at Dulwich as I only live in Bermondsey, so not far away but can’t make it I’m afraid.
I will definitely be keeping my eye on this for further meets though as I’m looking forward to trying out my welsh for the first time… although slightly nervous aswell.
Hope you have a great time tomorrow and hopefully see you soon.
Oh by the way, had I been able to come would it have been ok to bring my dog for the walk?



I do this walk every Friday and, up to about a year ago, until she died, we used to take our springer spaniel (or she took us) so, yes, your dog would have been welcome (the pub also welcomes dogs in a big way too).

Looking forward to speaking to you in Welsh in the near future.


There are about five of us who will definitely be there tomorrow. I did think about wearing my Welsh dragon onesie or bring along my life size Mr Urdd cushion to help identify us but decided instead to print out an A4 welsh flag which I will put on the middle of the table we are sitting at. If no table, I will post a picture on this forum of where we are located.


Diolch Peter!


Hi Peter
Hope you’ve all had a lovely walk and chat. I cross London most weeks, coming in at Euston. Any chance that we could have a meet up near there sometime please?
Are you going to be at the one day course at the Welsh centre on 22nd June perchance?


Thanks to everyone for making me welcome and thoroughly putting my welsh speaking and listening to the test. I genuinely can’t think of one other day since I’ve beem learning welsh, where I’ve learnt and practiced speaking so much. Reccomend this to people of all levels. See you again.


The next Llon-dain is planned for Wimbledon but I know we will be moving north of the Thames at some point.

I have done a few one day courses at the LWC but not doing the next one - good luck to you though.


Great to see you today, hope you can make the others. Hwyl.


We started at a café, walked through a wood and ended up in a pub. Great crowd and lots of Welsh though my attempt at using Welsh in the English pub didn’t quite go as well as I had scripted it with my son who works there!!


Thanks, Peter. We met at the last one day course; hopefully there will be a familiar face at the next one :slight_smile:
I’ll keep an eye out for the next meet up.