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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


It was great and lovely to meet some new faces! Thanks again Peter for organising. I’m looking forward to the next one, I will have a look at the calendar and suggest some dates in late June/July.


I would like to join you for this. I’m free most Sundays except the third Sunday of the month from now until September.


The next Llon-dain will be in Wimbledon on Sunday 23rd June. The timetable worked well last week, so we will follow the same pattern - meet in a cafe in Wimbledon village (which cafe tbc) at 2pm followed by a walk across Wimbledon common and/or Cannizaro Park, finishing with a drink (or three) in a pub (again tbc nearer the time). Last time we were finished around 5.15 but end time flexible (and I’ll be nearer home next time :slight_smile: ). All levels welcome.

After that we’ll probably skip July and August as so many people have holidays (but if anyone is keen to arrange a date feel free to make a suggestion) and perhaps we’ll go a bit more central/northwards in September.

@Deborah-SSi can you add it to the newsletter, maybe under the monthly meetups too? I’m sure @peterallen would be happy to be the contact as it was his brilliant idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I live north west of London, at the end of the Met line. I would definitely be interested in meeting up in September especially if you are coming north of the river. I will be coming to then end of the 6 month intensive course by ten so hopefully will have something to say in Welsh!


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Hi there, I’ve just joined and noticed this thread.
I started learning welsh at the beginning of the year and live in Wimbledon so am keen to join anything going on. I’m around over the summer so do let me know if anyone fancies meeting up. Currently I don’t know any welsh speakers in London or anyone learning welsh so I don’t get much (translates as any) opportunity to the my pigeon-welsh I’ve learnt so far.


Hi. I started the SSiW Level 1 a couple of months ago and really need to try out speaking Welsh with someone (anyone) so I’d be keen to come to this if I can. I am in Bromley so not a million miles away (although shame I missed the Dulwich meet-up as that’s even nearer). What is the best way to keep tabs on developments on this? David


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I can’t see the ‘watching’ icon. Sorry, but can you clarify for me where it is?
I would like to be at the Wimbledon meet up. I am not sure I can be there by 2 though and don’t know Wimbledon at all. So, a bit scary
I am from Swansea but living in Newchapel Surrey at the moment. I have been doing the SSiWelsh six month course and really need people to speak to and listen to.

If anyone saw the first series of ‘Keeping Faith’ , the second series, in Welsh and called ‘Un Bore Mercher’ is on BBC iPlayer on S4C at the moment and has english sub titles


We don’t know the details yet but @KateM will let us all know. We have been at the SSiW party and bwtcamp so only really back today.
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Unfortunately, I’m doing the narration for a Words and Music concert on Sunday 23rd, so I won’t be able to make it. Fingers crossed there will be one soon that I will be able to make.

Do you guys ever meet up at the Welsh Centre in London? I’d love to go there sometime, and it would be good to see a friendly face, especially the first time I dip a toe in the dwr.


We do the Thursday Welsh class so are always in the bar after 8.30pm and there is a cylch siarad at 7.00pm(ish). Let us know if you intend to pop in.


I will! That’s definitely doable :grinning:


i live in Reading but will make it across for this. Sounds great!


Sorry I haven’t posted details yet, I wanted to check things out at the weekend but time ran away with me! So I will post the meeting place for Sunday this Friday. It will be at 2pm in Wimbledon village which is about 10 mins up the hill from the main wimbledon station.

@Deborah-SSi any chance of a reminder in the newsletter?


Unfortunately the next newsletter will be too late. There wasn’t one this week as I was away on holiday. I hope the meetup goes well. I’ll post in the 2 Slack groups when you have the details so they will know at least.


No problem, hope you had a good holiday!


So on Sunday I suggest we meet at Cafe Nero, High Street Wimbledon Village at 2pm. After a quick coffee we will have a walk of an hour to an hour and a half through Cannizaro park and maybe a bit of the common, and finish at one of the pubs on Crooked Billet, either Crooked Billet or the Hand in Hand depending on what looks best. Probably around 4pm or a bit before. If anyone I haven’t met is coming, I’ll be wearing my new red dragon t-shirt I bought in Caernarfon :):grinning:

If you’re planning to come and want to make sure we wait for you, or you think you might come for only part, send me a message with your number and I can text updates.

Edrych ymlaen!


I’ll be there


See you there. It’s my first time :slight_smile:


I hope to be at cafe nero at 2pm.