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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


Sandals, shorts, factor 50 and umbrella all ready.


Wish I could be there - especially as my daughter is going to be in Wimbledon this weekend too. But Sunday afternoon I shall be providing the narration at a concert to celebrate 100 years of Jordans village, so I am afraid I will be speaking yn y Saesneg that afternoon.


Next time hopefully and possibly nearer to where you are. Hwyl.


Just demonstrating my awful photographic skills and a view of me unintentionally mimicking @lornarhodes artistic style but up the right way. Taken of those that survived the coffee, the walk on Wimbledon Common and a drink in a pub. Next time Primrose Hill in September.


Thanks to all who came along, I had a really great time, marred only by my worrying all evening about what had happened to @peterallen’s roast chicken - put us out of our misery Peter, did it burn?


The chicken was perfect, the vegetables less so…! But the walk in Wimbledon easily made up for that. Looking forward to the next one, the date will be decided later but sometime just before the middle of September.


Thank you all for making me feel so welcome. I hope to make the next one if it doesn’t clash with anything.



Sorry I missed it. Life was just too hectic in June with my son’s wedding the following weekend and I couldn’t fit it in. Hopefully next time.


Any plans for a September meetup?


Hi Dee (never thought of it as being Deborah, both nice, is that your preference now?). Yes, we are going to meet on 29th September as that falls a week after the Welsh classes start again in the London Welsh Centre. The plan is to walk up Primrose Hill in North London to see the memorial to Iolo Morganwg though we haven’t planned a meeting place or a route yet.


Me and my dog Sandy will come to that! :dog:


I will post the meeting point nearer the date so keep an eye out.


Yes, Dee was a nickname given to me years ago by people who couldn’t understand my, at the time, very strong Kiwi accent, and I’ve decided I’d rather use my real name from now on :slight_smile:


Hi @peterallen - I expect to be in Llundain on 29th and depending on the time I might be able to join you. I usually live in North Wales.
Newydd dechrau - ers pedwr mis rwan!


The 29th September is now a definite for the Llon-dain walk and we will be meeting in the Costa Coffee at 20 Chalk Farm Road at 2.00pm.

The plan is to leave Costa about 2.30ish and go up Primrose Hill to see the memorial. After that we are going to walk down to the canal and walk along the tow path until we get to Kings Cross and then look for a pub. If anyone is familiar with the area it would be good to get a suggestion for what pub to end up at.

Everyone is invited of any Welsh speaking ability so looking forward to seeing you all. I will keep an eye on the posts here on the day just in case someone is late and can’t find us.

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So I’m still coming hopefully although I’m bringing my dog so I think we’ll skip the meet at Costa and meet you at Primrose Hill if that’s ok


I think dogs can go into coffee shops but meeting at Primrose Hill will be fine though I can’t guarantee when we will leave Costa. I assume that, as you have a dog, you will be able to explore Primrose Hill before we arrive, we just need to organise how to meet you. I will send my phone number to you just in case there is a problem meeting up.


Ok that’d be great if you send your number, Peter :+1:t2:
Sandy and I are familiar with Primrose Hill, we go there often as we do most parks in London… I’m a black cab driver and she comes to work with me every day :slightly_smiling_face::dog:


I know the area :slight_smile: Kings Cross station has The Parcel Yard which is a good and convenient pub. The Fellow is nice. The Lighterman. If the weather is decent the latter two have outdoor spaces.