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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


Hi Peter, Thank you for organising this. I hope to join the group, assuming Great Northern is running trains that Sunday, which can’t be guaranteed, unfortunately.


I would like to join you again this month and can meet you at the Costa.


See you there.


I can second @micaela-bester’s recommendation for The Lighterman, though it is on the pricier side. ^^;

I’d love to join in, but I actually picked that weekend to go away to Cardiff, funnily enough! Maybe next time.


….then that sounds like the place to go, thanks to you both for the suggestion.


Countdown to the Llon-dain walk at 2.00pm on Sunday. Meeting in the Costa Coffee at 20 Chalk Farm Road before going to see the memorial to Iolo Morganwg on Primrose Hill and then walk along the canal to Kings Cross for a drink in the Ligherman pub at about 4.30pm. Hope to see lots of SSiW’s there.


Anyone looking, we are in the basement at Costa


The Llon-dainians who made it to the end of the walk after seeing Iolo Morganwg’s memorial stone to the first eisteddfod on Primrose Hill in London, a walk along a very long canal and eventual rest with a glass of lemonade in an old quiet tavern next to the locks.



Thanks @peterallen for organizing. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon in the company of fellow Welsh speakers. If anyone else in London is looking to ymarfer siarad this is a the perfect way as all levels and you can speak 1:1, mix it up, and join in group conversations at all levels - and with no pressure or expectation that you’ll be able to chat up a storm yn Cymraeg. Diolch pawb.


Thanks for organising a very pleasant afternoon, Peter. It was lovely to meet new people who share a love of Welsh. Elizabeth



The next Llon-dain has now been arranged (well, the date agreed and sort of the location!).

It will take place just after the Christmas/New Year break after we have all made our New Year resolutions consisting of the learning of 5,000 new Welsh words, speaking Welsh for at least an hour each day and only watching ClicS4C.

The meet up will be on Sunday the 5th January, 2020 when we can get real and celebrate the one word we have actually learnt, the single word reply in Welsh that we were so proud of and get excited that we understood 50% of what Kelly said in Pobol y Cwm (and not just the English bits).

So, the current plan is to return to South London and walk from Blackheath village to Greenwich village via Blackheath common and Greenwich park. Probably meet at 2.00pm but I need to find where will be best in Blackheath to start.

Copying @Deborah-SSi because she likes to know these things and @nia.llywelyn because she organised the last London event so just seems right, even if she will be in snowy Wales at that time.


Diolch Peter! I’ll get that in the next newsletter :slight_smile:


Diolch @peterallen

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Sounds good. I could travel down on the train from Nottingham. Di Matthews


Will update the post nearer the time in case any changes, would be great to see you on the day.


I’ll do my best to make it—I actually get back from America on the 5th at 10 am, so I’m not going to commit until the day of when I see how jetlagged I am. :laughing:


Last but one reminder (okay, perhaps more than just one more to come) for our next Llon-dain on Sunday 5th January to help blow off the old year’s cobwebs by walking from Blackheath to Greenwich. The weather forecast shows no rain and some sun so I have stopped worrying that we will be walking through a blizzard in freezing temperatures. We will meet at 2.00pm in one of the coffee shops (probably Costa or Starbucks - will let you know) and start off a little later. I have done it before so think it is about an hour’s walk in total.