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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


Well spotted! It will be the Stratford one in the east which is at the end of the Jubilee Line.


Mae’n ddrwg iawn Peter, I’m not going to be able to make it this time. There’s engineering works on the railways which will mean it’s an hour and a half into Waterloo. Much as I’d love to join you, 3 hours on trains today isn’t appealing. Gobeithio welai i chi y tro nesa.
Hwyl Gaeth


See you next time. Have a great St David’s day. Hwyl.


Diolch Peter,
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus i Bawb yna hefyd.


This was a fantastic afternoon! My third meet-up and the first where I finally felt I made some progress. It really helps making the effort to go to some of these, as there is only a certain amount one can progress by simply repeating stuff to the challenges in the car! Thanks to @peterallen for organising it and great to meet you (and everyone else, of course). I had no idea there were so many Welsh learners in South London!


We had the sun, the dry weather, (the wind) and the great company. Great to speak Welsh with David and all the others as we walked through the Olympic park, along the local canals and had a drink in an old Welsh chapel (now a Wetherspoons). Keep a look out for the next Llon-dain. Hwyl all.


After a short break due to some virus or something, Llon-dain is back! This is a group walk in London for anyone learning Welsh. This is short notice but we will be meeting in Dulwich Park by the cafe at 2.00pm this Sunday (22nd August) and will follow a similar walk to what we did on the first Llon-dain which took about two hours of gentle stroll through Dulwich and Sydenham woods to end up in a local pub. All welcome. If you want further details feel free to reply here or by private message.


I’ve just seen this in time! This week’s newsletter is uploaded ready to go out, but I’ll make a quick edit to get your meetup in. Great to see the Llon-dain Meetups starting up again!


Hi @peterallen - I would have loved to join you, as I came on the last one by the Olympic Park just before the first lockdown, and really enjoyed it (the walk, not the lockdown!). But it’s my son’s 10th birthday on Sunday so I’m not free this time. Looking forward to the next one though! Hope all is well with you.


Hi David, it was a bit short notice too but there will be more! Thanks for the message. Hwyl.


Hi Peter, I have kept looking and am pleased to see Llon-dain is up and running again. I hope you have had a great walk and better weather than we are having today on our boat in Leicestershire. I’ll look forward to joining your future walks. Elizabeth


Thanks Elizabeth, really nice to hear from you again but who needs good weather when you are on a boat!! Hwyl.


I live in South Croydon so a Dulwich sounds great. I work shifts though so I would not necessarily be able to make every meeting :blush:

Post-Pandemic Meetups

I’m away sadly but would love to come if there is another planned :blush:


If you make this thread as ‘follow’ then you should be able to see future activity. It won’t always be Dulwich as we tend to go to different places in London. Hwyl.


The next Llon-dain walk will be on the 10th October in Hampstead Heath. It will start at 2.00pm and end in a pub. Exact details not sorted yet but, if you can, put this in your diary. The walk is for any levels of Welsh so all will be welcome. @Deborah-SSi. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Gwych! Wela i ti yno, @peterallen :slightly_smiling_face:


Edrychaf ymlaen ato. Gobeithio bydd y trenau Thameslink yn rhedeg y dydd Sul yna.


I will be relying on Thameslink so, yes, gobeithio, it is running. Watch out for the meeting point decision.


Ah pants! That’s the second one in a row I can’t make due to other commitments. How frustrating. I need a less busy life! :sob: