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Llon-dain - The Touring London Meet Up


Great, keep an eye out on the Forum for where we will meet in Victoria.


Is it possible to swap phone numbers?


The meeting point for the Llon-dain this Sunday at 2.00pm will be on the ‘outside’ seats (within the covered station) between Platforms 7 and 8. It is outside Costa and by WH Smiths. Anyone who wants to meet on route, let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone. @DiMatthews @david-44 @simon-gregory-1 @KateM @Richard636363


I will meet you at the station. Really looking forward to it! :+1:


Iawn! Dw i’n edrych ymlaen.


Gobeithio bydd y tywydd yn braf (a dim yn oer iawn!) :cold_face:

Bydd y dafarn yn dwym! :beer::beer::beer:


Don’t worry, we’ll be walking in the sunshine in a gentle breeze. Admittedly over fallen trees and through patches of ice!


Waiting for bus Hyde Park Corner


Five of us braved the cold weather for the Llon-dain walk yesterday though it was sunny with no wind. The Queen wasn’t at home when we called though so we had to find a pub instead of having a cup of tea with her.


Lovely to see smiling familar faces! You all look suitably rugged up!