Llyfr Glas Nebo - Listen on Radio Cymru


Bore da,

Llyfr Glas Nebo is this week’s Llyfr Bob Wythnos on Radio Cymru. From what I can gather the book is being read across five 10 minute episodes this week (possibly part of Sian Cothi’s program). So whether you’re read the book or not, it should be great listening practice, especially if you’re following the Northern Course.

I’m about to start listening - enjoy! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06thhrt


Also available as a podcast on the BBC Sounds app - Search for Llyfr Bob Wythnos


I know things on BBCs page usually are not permanently available but how the things are with podcast on BBC Sounds?

Oh, and obviously the app is Geo restricted because i can’t find it in Google Play store. What I find is BBC iPlayer Radio adn BCast Listening BBC podcasts. Is this any useful? I’ll search on TuneIn app later if maybe they offer this there also though …


@tatjana BBC iPlayer is not geo restricted, I can’t look for it right now, but I’m sure I downloaded it and use it a lot while I cook! :smiley:

In . my experience BBC radio files are available just for a period of time usually one month, but some stay longer - and some disappear and reappear from time to time. (I don’t know these specific ones, cause I haven’t checked ethem out yet)


I’ve found iPlayer and will install it later and search if there’s this podcast available on there either.


I believe you are right. But podcasts tend not to last very long either. Typically about 4 weeks.

The BBC compares very unfavourably with other european public broadcasters in this respect, I am sorry to say. They would probably plead poverty, licensing fees, etc, etc. I don’t totally believe them, but, what can you do?


Listen while you can … :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m missing something but I couldn’t find this on iPlayer and I use it all the time so thought I knew my way around.

I used a link to the BBC website found on twitter yesterday which I think is the same as the one in the opening post here. At the moment there are 24 days left to listen to the first episode. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06thhrt?ns_mchannel=source&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_radio_cymru&ns_linkname=wales

I listened to all 5 episodes yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it although I did find the male voice (Celt Moss) a little more difficult to understand than the female voice (Alys Williams)(as usual. How come us men can’t annunciate as well as you ladies?) Alys Williams made a fantastic job of relaying the emotional content in episode 4 which I listened to twice for some reason.

These recordings last, in total, just short of an hour so is obviously an abridged version of the book so hopefully if you enjoy this it will encourage you to buy the book and get even more enjoyment from reading it for yourself.


This is the reason for the introduction of BBC Sounds, both the app and the section of the BBC web site. It’s not only a re-brand of the Radio iPlayer, but it also makes accessible all those clips from within programmes that were previously hard to discover.

Although I think the search and discovery needs some work. It’s very orientated towards finding stuff that you already know is there. That’s not ideal.


I found this link kind of by chance (well, actually “BBC Sounds” recommended it to me to be honest, but that’s kind of hit or miss):

That’s all the episodes - penodae - which includes the Manon book and several others.


Here’s the link to the BBC Sounds https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/

And here’s the page on BBC Sounds whrer you can find 5 chapters of Llyfr Glas Nebo: https://www.bbc.co.uk/search?filter=programmes&q=Llyfr+glas+nebo