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London St Pancras/King's Cross regular meet-up 12.15pm


Very kind, thank you. I’ll look into it when I’m back from North Wales next week. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to speak at least a little Welsh while I’m there!


Going back to St Pancras later this month on October 27th. More details to follow in a new thread.

Calling all SSiW meet-up/chat group organisers and coordinators

Hi Everyone just to let everyone know that we are meeting again this Sunday 12th January at 12.15pm in Pret a Manger in St Pancras, Station. All levels Welcome


HI there,

Next meeting is Sunday 16th of February at 12.15pm in St Pancras at Pret A Manger. We will be meeting there for an hour or so and then heading somewhere undecided yet.

In March we are trying to do a Saturday.


Hi Marcus

Been trying to dirct message you on Slack but I must be doing it wrong…

Could you tell me what time the whole meet up at St P’s finishes?




Hi there, I would say on average we stay in St Pancras for an hour then some people leave when we move off from there. I believe the plan this time is to find a local type cafe. People chat to each other as we walk. I would say about two hours in total but people come and go as they please really. It’s very informal and everyone so far has been really friendly.


Diolch dw i’n mynd i gymru fory welly dydd sul dim yn da i fi. Anwer nesa gobeithio!