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Looking for a speaking partner!


Bore da pawb!

I desperately need a speaking partner, I have almost worked through the majority of the challenges (North Wales) but haven’t yet had much practice actually using it with a partner. I was wondering if anyone would be able to have an occasional chat on the phone? Afternoons would be best



Level 1 Speaking Practice

Hi Dave,

are you looking for a chat partner on the phone or also through an internet chat would work for you?

And where are you located?

I think knowing this would help finding a better match!


Hi Dave,

I need a listener; I’m a beginner, week 21 of level one. I’d enjoy chatting on the phone with another North Wales learner, although I might be a little far behind you for it to work well for you? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I’m in the States, GMT minus 4, so if you are in the UK, I could chat with you most days, your time between 1pm and 5pm. Would that work? I’d enjoy chatting with someone who knows a lot more than me; that’s the best way to learn.



I need a welsh speaking partner. I am at challenge 22 level 1 South Wales


Hi John!
I’m doing Challenge 21 (South Wales Course), am not a Welsh speaker but could practise exchanging sentences with you if that’s any use.


Hi Geoff, Sounds perfect to me. When?


Hi John! I’ve sent you a private message. Not sure how that works as it’s all new to me. I’m wondering whether you’ve picked it up?