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Looking for on-line speaking partner


After a long, long time of neglecting my Welsh speaking skills, I am getting back into it, but I am not having success in finding one-to-one partners on the Slack Welsh Speaking Practice workspace. I’ve tried the #online-now and #general-chat channels, without success.
Any suggestions will be welcomed. Diolch!


Hi there Baruch, I did see your message on Slack and was very tempted, but I’ve only been learning since the end of August, so “chatting” with me would probably be a real bore for you. Anyway, seeing as no-one has come forward, I’d be more than happy to give it a try.

I’ve never used the “call” function on Slack - it’s unclear to me whether it would be just audio (to difficult for me!) or whether it would be a video call. But I’ve got Zoom and could set up a meeting. Also FaceTime would be an option.

EDIT: Please don’t hesitate to say no! As I said, I expect you must be looking for someone more advanced.


I am on level 1 lesson 21. I need to find a speaking partner. I think I can do FaceTime.


Hi Cathy-Nicholas. I’m at the same stage and need a partner. Have you managed to find anyone yet?


Apologies for the delay in replying the reason being that I have spent ages thinking things through and for many reasons I have decided not to find a speaking partner at the moment. I am therefore going to carry on and simply enjoy the course in my own way. When it’s finished I will know a lot more than when I started and I will be more than happy with that. Thank you for asking.


No problem. Good luck and hope you’re enjoying learning :smile:


I’m enjoying it but I am not very good. . My brother your sister still continues to confuse me along with a few other things. Speaking is the way to learn I know, my son chatted to everyone he could find and is now fluent. Everyone is different. I will keep at it and hopefully improve. I need to practice more - I can actually say that in Welsh. All the best.